Im debating becoming a cop.

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  1. Well im having a hard time finding work, so im thinking about becoming a cop,
    But id wanna be an undercover cop, so i can smoke freely. Lol. (at least i think some undercover officers are able to do drugs so they can fit in and keep their cover.) i read about this one undercover cop who was always strung out on an unmentionable drug that starts with H.
    Now i dont like cops, but i need a damn job. Lol.

    What do you guys think?
  2. :rolleyes:
  3. You're going to be a cop, so you could smoke weed?

    I think you should stay in HS.
  4. Cops are crooks. Dont be one. Watch Barry Coopers videos snd you'll see. Cops are not anyones friends.
  5. i know a few cops that back in their hay day they did mad amounts of drugs, i allways thought it was weird how they beccame cops. i guess if you cant beat 'em, join 'em
  6. good luck with that, you will for sure be getting drug tested alot
  7. I'm debating running for president. I want to be president so I can sit in the Oval Office and smoke tons of weed. Thoughts?
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    Ive been outta school for the past 2 almost 3 years.
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    If i was an undercover cop, it wouldnt matter if i passed or failed. Id just say, "you guys remember that one bust? Yeah i had to smoke a blunt." Lol.
    Actually, now that i think about it, id end up having to bust weed salesmen, and i wouldnt wanna do that.
    Id only wanna get the crack off the streets.
    Never mind, i dont wanna be a undercover cop anymore.
    Dammit, now im off to search again.
  10. Oooow, we need a few more clean cops. Go for it!
  11. FUCK DA POLICE, nah di watever you want.
  12. undercover cops are cheaters! FTP

  13. [​IMG]
  14. don't you fucking dare...

    in all reality, being a cop would suck so bad.
    first, you have to learn how to be a cop (that's probably hard)
    then you have to deal with bad people, every day...

    i dunno man. to me, i sure as hell would not want to be a cop, but maybe you want to serve and protect...
  15. If in any dimension I'm a cop(which I'm sure I'm not) I'm probably crooked as fuck....taking peoples weed and smoking it....making bitches fuck me to get out of tickets....taking peoples drug money.
  16. i think ive finally realized that 98PEOPLE is a user. not an amount of people that like something.

    you should definitley become a cop if theyll take you. how many times have you smoked weed.
  17. Fuck that. Be a firefighter. Those are real men
  18. So long as you mean to be a cop for the right reasons. IE, getting murders, rapists, and so forth off the streets, go for it.

    Just don't bust people for smoking, unless they are doing something completely dumbass material.

    I take your fire fighters card and raise you Bomb Disposal expert.

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