I'm crushed right now

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  1. So many of you didn't know (some did), my "now" ex-girlfriend told me she was pregnant around a month ago. Well today she just told me she's getting an abortion and that she thinks we aren't going to work out... This is after year of going out with her, out of the blue. Other then the stress of the pregnancy I thought we where quite happy, but apparently I was wrong. I was stressed about having a kid, but that was going to be my kid too. It suck's that really, I have no say in any of this..

    And what sucks is that she was talking about her ex more and more until today... But who cares really, that doesn't compare to everything else that hurts me.

    The craziness is starting to hit me. This really really makes me sad, and I just needed to type it out to SOMEONE.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. shit happens, man.
    you'll find another girl.
    smoke one.
  3. Man, if I was about to have a kid I'd probably lose my shit and go hysterical. I couldn't handle bringing another life form into this world of misery.
  4. Sounds like you dodged a bullet man.

    Also, you never took a paternity test so you couldnt never know for sure if it was yours or if it was her exs.
  5. Kids are mad expensive and if your young theirs a lot your gonna miss out on. Also this is just my 2 cents
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    you say fuck me, i feel the same way bout u bitch
  7. listen... i know it will seem rough for a while... but this too shall pass... while i havn't been in your boat, i know what the water is like. Life will be hard for a while, and if not you didn't really care for it all that much. Life throws you curve balls and its up to you what you do with them.... life is far from over.... telling a friend helped me... im sure it will help you... or seek professional help... either way, its better that she told you now rather than way later and your now paying child support for a child who you cant see and dealing with a shitty ex-wife that hates you.... trust me... there are tons of women out there that need good guys... just look in the "im horny thread" and the "i miss sex thread" hot chicks with no dudes

    im with Xtreme on this one, you dodged a very shitty bullet
  8. Sorry for the loss of your child OP(sounds bad to say for now, but hypothetically)
    I'd hope you could convince her otherwise..
    But it just so happens to be out of hand so, do what you can, good luck.
  9. Man, I understand where you're coming from, in a nutshell. Yes, that would have been your child. But if she felt so strongly toward you two not working out, I'd honestly be relieved. Yeah I understand you took a loss, but you also saved yourself a lot of time and money. Maybe I sound cold writing this, but that's not my intention. All I'm saying is that you have PLENTY of time to find the right girl for you, and the right woman to be the mother of your child. Time heals all wounds and that is a FACT. No matter how much you may doubt it at the time. I know I've been there. Regardless, stay headstrong, and don't let it get you too down broseph.
  10. You need to smoke

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