Im Conisidering Forcing My Sativa Plant Into Flowering (Seeking Advice)

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  1. My sativa plant is fastly approaching 12'', and I read on here that sativa strands can grow up to 4x their current height when flowering. I absolutely can not have a 4 ft plant in my grow space, and my stoner buddy's birthday is coming up, so I am considering going ahead and flowering said plant but I have a few concerns.
    First, the stems are still growing in pairs instead of alternating, and I know this is a sign of immaturity.
    Second, pre-flowers have yet to show, so this is yet another sign of immaturity.
    Is my plant too young to yield a favourable amount of bud? (I am looking to harvest at least a half ounce) (I know that this is heavily dependant on the strand, but I am speaking generally)
    And is there any problems that can arise from flowering too early?
    What would you do if you were in my situation?
    (I would add pictures if I could, but I don't have the means at the moment)

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  3. i'd throw it into flower now.  some folks flower as soon as the seed breaks the surface....  you'll do fine!

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