i'm confused? (wasn't born that way)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lilbilly, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. my plants been flowering for 34 days. it has white hairs growing in patches all over. i know this has got to be a stupid question but its driving me crazy. where are the buds? all i've ever dealt with was already in a bag, and nothing growing on here looks like my bag.have patience with me i'm slow
  2. dude your halfway there all ya neednow is lil more patience they will come
  3. cool, thanx for the reassurance.later
  4. ditto....those little white hears you're seeing are your buds.....lets hope you gets lots of crystals....mmmmm i love nice sweet buds....Peace out...Sid
  5. the closer you get to the white patches the more crystals there are. it almost looks wet or sticky. but i read somewhere you shouldn't touch them. this is sweet, i've been growing this plant since the beginning of october i can't wait. later....
  6. ur looking at the buds...and that white sticky...MMMMMMMM that is what u want.

    fyi...ive been growing from Oct 13th and im gonna start cutting anyday now.

    how u know when to harvest? when those pearly white 'hairs' start to turn color...i wait till at least 2/3 of the bud area goes color. i also dont grab the whole plant but snip the ones that are done first then give it a few more days...maybe even week for the lower ones to get bigger :)
  7. sweet. i started mine october 1st so i guess it should only be a couple of weeks more. how long have yours been flowering? i turned my lights back december 17, so its been like 35 days now for me. i've also been using miracle grow bloom booster (10-52-10) will that make a big difference?later...

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