Im confused is it Legal to mail glass into the united states

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    Ehh, it's a shaky line. If they can somehow prove that the clean pipes were going to be used to smoke marijuana out of, then they can be treated as parafernalia. But really, many federal agencies can fabricate "evidence" out of thin air to prove that. It might have been something as mundane as using the word "bong" instead of "water pipe" to the wrong person.

    Totally gay and uncalled for. Basically, they get to smash $500,000 worth of glass. That's a hard earned and legitimate amount of money being thrown down the garbage. Great, we lose part of our money to support law enforcement so they waste even more of our money.
  2. It's really dumb that they allow the sale of these pieces to be sold in stores but can't be shipped through the mail.
  3. thats in jc? thats my old city man wtf ever since i lieft it been goin to hell. fuckinG lame.

  4. What a waste of time and money. The world is a safer place now. No they can't. Since they have never been used they can't deem them solely for Marijuana use.
  5. lol i love the picture of the white table that has like 3 bongs and 2 shitty pieces on it, with fuckin 2 DEA badges on it lolol.

  6. i smell......setup
  7. I think it's cause they don't want enough bongs in the country for everyone to have one.
    I mean tobacco smokers too.
    Just think if smoking a bong w/ tobacco, instead of smoking a cigarette were the norm? Like old men just sitting on park benches hitting bongs of tobacco, and dudes at the bus stop takin a huge rip right before hopping on the bus.

    It'd put cigarette companies out of business. Everyone knows the bong is a natural progression that comes after the joint. So they gotta keep it underground. It's all a big cycle man. Keep weed illegal so tobacco companies make more money, then attach bongs to weed so they can seize them when too many people stop buying cigarettes and start smoking bongs.
  8. Ever heard of Operation Pipedreams??

    Many states say that even clean glass pipes are paraphernalia. It's bullshit for sure
  9. Very shakey line.

    You can use a glass bong to smoke tobacco, and it's perfectly legal. In order to make the case stick they'll have to prove it was used for drug use....but cops do this all the time just to "buy time" for a case. didn't do anything illegal, but we have reason to believe.......and so will hold you for X amount of time.....hoping we can find some more.

    Shit, I got arrested as a teen, simply because new spray painting crimes showed up in the city, even though I had nothing to do with them. Clearly, I got out of it, but not without spending a night in jail, having to explain myself 900 times, and a hella investigation.

    Key point, I did a lot of vandalism, and spraypainted. They knew it. They couldn't prove it. So......when the first next thing popped along that fit my profile, they just like...arrested me for no reason.

    Looking back on that situation, I don't even think it would have half flown today....but it's basically the same concept.

    Laws in place. People doing illegal things find ways around said laws. Law enforcement gets tricky in return.

    I mean realistically, the cops were likely "right". They just pulled a technicality to buy themselves more time to investigate. if cops didn't do that, every slick mofo on the streets would get away on the first I guess it makes sense.
  10. "29,000 pipes and thats the best picture the can publish? 5 pipes and 2 customs & border protection patches on a dirty white table?"

    So true. Hahahhahaha.

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