Im Confused About The Sex Of This Plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by middleforker, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I have a mature plant, seven weeks flowering, and I'm confused about it's sex. I have two Ice plants that are well into their flowering and show definitive female traits. This other plant is from random seeds, supposedly an Indica/Sativa mix. It does not show any of the characteristics similar to the Ice plants. I'm concerned that it is a male. Any help? 2013-06-01 09.39.12.jpg 2013-06-01 09.38.49.jpg 2013-06-01 09.37.33.jpg

  2. Looks a bit weird for a 7 weeks flowering plant, feel like it's a hermie although not sure.
  3. cant tell which plant your concerned about but all the ones in the pics look like females to me
  4. All the pictures are of one plant, just different angles. It has 17 tops and is more then 24" wide so it may look like more then one plant. Each bud site seems to have a lot of pistols, but there are also some other structures that look a little weird.
  5. closer pic

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  6. could be a hermie
  7. I have a hell of a 2013-06-01 09.39.32.jpg 2013-06-02 13.03.04.jpg 2013-06-02 13.03.50.jpg time getting decent close-ups. I'm seeing a lot of calyxes and pistols but hardly any trichome development.
  8. Its a mutant, wait for it to finish then kill it with fire!
  9. As long as it's not going to mess up my beautiful Ice queens, I'll let it live.
  10. whats a mutant

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