I'm completely fucked.

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  1. Last night i had two ounces stolen from me by someone i was actually beginning to think was my friend.
    I bought 2 ounces last night for 370 when i normally get it for 340 and i took it back to the house and while we were all sitting there i started to roll a blunt when this kid ive known for about a month walked in the room and was talking to everybody and about halfway through a sentence he grabbed my jars and ran out the door. we were all sitting there completely shocked that he would do something like that. about 2 seconds after we all ran after him but by the time we got to the parking lot he was gone. That was ALL the money i had to my name, gone because some fucking tweaker decided he liked my bud more than me.
    the worst part is that he lives out of his car not a house so its going to be almost impossible to find him. he has a really nice bmw though. me and everyone else i know are going after him tonight. we know where he works where his girlfriend lives and what his car looks like so well probly find him. if you guys are interested ill update if anything happens but what do you guys think i should do?
  2. and ive been calling him nonstop for about 6 hours now.
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    Karma. He's gonna get his ass kicked.
  4. O I definitely wanna see how this ends. Good luck dude
  5. im thinking about posting his number on 4chan
    his parents wont buy him a new phone so he would be fucked.
  6. has a bmw but doesnt live in a house or apartment? that has stolen car written all over it. no surprise he stole your bud.
  7. dont let him away with it Fuck him up!!........And keep us updated
  8. You have been left with no other option, but to kick his ass so fucking hard. He won't ever think about stealing again.
  9. do any bit of damage you can do him man he screwed you out of a nice chunk of change.
  10. Fuck him. I would do everything I could to fuck with him, since he lives out of his car you could conveniently be walking past it while someone bricks the windows and not call the police..
  11. Me personally ... id cut his fuckin fingers off , but thats just me >:)
  12. Report the smell of weed from his car. Two ozs will get him with felony charges which is something that is worse than an ass kicking. Then kick his ass
  13. Sorry guys I can't really respond I'm in class until 10
  14. I don't think I should report him cause if the police investigated where he hangs out or something I'd be fucked
  15. [quote name='"tetoleetd"']has a bmw but doesnt live in a house or apartment? that has stolen car written all over it. no surprise he stole your bud.[/quote]

    His parents bought him the car
  16. thats bullshit dude. People like him give the rest of us a bad name. But dont worry karma well fuck this kid up, and by karma I mean your fists.
  17. approach him with a bunch of people and be like how much you got left holding him by the ear...then give him a ride to the bank and make sure he gets the money out he owes you and doesn't run away with it:smoke:
  18. He can't hide forever
  19. should have laced it with clorox, quick and easy lolol.
  20. Post his phone number and e-mail address all over the internet. If he does the same to you then open his skull with a baseball bat. Hate people like him.

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