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  1. US invades Pakistan in the near future

    edit- even though I guess we already have to an extent....
  2. ...already happened.
  3. It will certainly explain this whole "Ok we're going to kill Bin Laden now" thing.
  4. I'm sure we're going through with operations (unknown to the public) in so many other countries right now. Countries that Americans don't even know exist/how to pronounce.
  5. I shouldnt be so suprised that alot of the democrats who where against the afghan/iraq wars are now calling for war against pakistan and libya.
  6. I think we're going to invade Iran in some six-degrees-of-separation way, and it will have something to do with Pakistan/bin Laden, 40% chance. 50% chance you're right, and Osama situation will lead to invasion/bombing of Pakistan (Against Pakistan itself, not just terrorists who inhabit it). 9% chance we invade Pakistan and Iran, at the same time, in a 12-degrees-of-separation type deal. 1% chance we end all wars, and never declare war again, unless in self-defense.
  7. ^^ yeah that..

    we've been attacking them for a while now.

    i think we'll hit Jordon and/or Syria next.
  8. iran has a very strong opposition movement. It would take a particularly retarded president to not wait the couple more years the iranian government's gonna last. syria's assad, a little lower on the shit ladder than ahmadinejad, as we can see, will soon bite the dust. The revolutionaries will get to the source of their terrible economy and image in the world and their severe lack of politcal freedom in Iran soon enough. As for pakistan-US trouble, I totally agree.
  9. We were looking for a reason to expand into Pakistan. All of the drone strikes are clear evidence of that. Now that Bin Laden has been caught hiding under their nose, I think that invasion has went from 'maybe' to carte blanche.

    Soon there will probably be hearing to cut off Pakistan aid, and possibly impose economic sanctions, if they don't do our bidding by making sure our supply routes stay open and functioning.

    Look at a map. I quite certain the end game of all these wars and nation building is to:

    1- have complete control supply routes/ports in the middle east.

    2- have Iran surrounded.

    3- make sure that oil is guarded, and it keeps churning out at a decent price.
  10. Yemen as well.

    Apparently we've been bombing them with cruise missiles for a long time. Now a drone killed two dudes in a car. Officials said they were Al Qaeda. I'd like to know who "Officials" is but they never tell you that.

    US drone attack kills al-Qaeda members in Yemen - Telegraph

    Did you guys have any doubt that they would escalate the war on terror?

    They have to roll out a new enemy. I call that.
  11. yep..

    there will always be a #1 leader of Al Queda..

    unless we think we'll completely wipe them out one day :laughing:
  12. Obama says bin Laden had 'support network' in Pakistan -


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    There's supposed to be a lot of attacks against al qaeda in the coming months, as the information taken from bin laden's compound is disseminated.
  14. Fuck Pakistan. I say we cut off their funding.

    Pakistan is like a rich spoiled brat who should have their trust fund cut off.

  15. We should also demand a full refund of any and all money that we gave to Pakistan for their cooperation in the War on Terror. It's not going to happen, but would be the correct thng to do.
  16. we cut their funding, they respond by a suicide bombing on a u.s embassy or military base in pakistan, we invade, we lose another 10,000 troops,then topple their government causing extreme instability barack uses oil as lube to butt fuck the world. rinse and repeat

    not saying this is set up, but im not saying it isn't =/
  17. We should just stop funding other countries all together....its kinda what got us into this whole mess.
  18. You know what, fuck Pakistan.

    edit: Oops, beaten to it.

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