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Im callin out all you MODS!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tr3-0, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. not really bad but just wanted to know this it's actually very deep to think on...
    so here we are all gagillion of us here on grasscity posting on pickups and how we love the weed we smoke, but how about you mods?? how do ya'll get down? what do YOU love to smoke and outt'a?
    got pics? any sayings? im really curious to know. even if one mod was to reply it would be pretty kool to find out.
    Honestly and Truthfully

  2. the mods don't like you
  3. The mods and admins are really supercomputers with the collected consciousnesses of a bunch of people and not actual homo sapiens per se... Therefore incapable of consuming cannabis.

    Thanks for your interest though

  4. you werent supposed to tell people that! thats gc's lil secret! a couple stoners thought it up one day cause they were too lazy to keep tabs on the whole forum......

  5. im not high enough to beleve that lol
  6. wow... the shit gets deeper... lol
  7. I'd imagine they smoke just the same as anyone else.

    Call me crazy, but when given the ability to moderate a forum I'd think your cannabis consumption stays the same.

  8. lol this just may be true
  9. The mods have just been on the boards for 10+ years :D:D:D, so they're probably over posting up their pickups and new pieces. Search their old posts and threads and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.
  10. funny pic(arnoald)
    but yeah i never thought of that.
  11. I am ........
  12. All you do is make stupid threads. You act like a little kid with the way you talk.
    Someone give this kid the banstick.

  13. hey man whats the deal with you?
    i mean really who are you to come to my thread and say you don't like it?
    now on a differnt level of thinking, why do you go so far out of your way to follow me around here and post "Give this kid the banstick"? How much extra time do you have bro?
    Heres some advice from a fellow smoker "I think you need a hobby bro."
    Get on my level...
    Honestly and Truthfuly
  14. Yep. :wave:
  15. Whats the deal with you man?

    Stop talkin all high and mighty, like you're better than him. You think he should get a hobby? Whats yours? Staying online on Grasscity for extended periods seems to be one of them. Wait, he goes on grasscity too? Looks like you have the same hobby bro. How much extra time do you have?

    Your level is low homie and nobody wants to go down there with you.
    Honestly and Truthfully.
  16. Na bro you got it all wrong this cat been puttin that mess on alot of my threads
    i ain't tryna' sound like some profit of god im juz tryna' do me without people like ya'll hatin.
    Plus my level is on high beyond what you can comprehend fuck a high n' mighty g.
    Im throwed back n' don't start mess with anyone just read my posts theres like less than 50 you'll c im pretty straight foward with everyone it just messes with my mind when anyone goes out of their way to fuck with me or anybody for that fact it's not right and it's uncool.

    Now that im done clearing all that up now you seem to have a problem with me too?
    No one wants to get on my level? your trippin* The fact of the matter is that no one can see that high boy. All we need in this world is another busy body
    (if you didn't understand that it was sarcasim buddy*)
    BUT* since you did ask i have a couple of hobbys being online is straight up one of em' too but it damn sure ain't my life... heres a shorthand
    • Football's fun
    • I like playing Guitar
    • Video games (Halo3 & Saint's Row)
    • kickin in the backyard with my dog(actual animal not a refrence for friend)
    • smokeing
    • kickin with hoes
    • Art (Sketching, PhotoShop, Painting, Graffiti)
    • Rapping(allways from the dome*)
    Punk... think you burned me homie na... since when was it cool for daniel son to diss Mr.Miogi?
    Honestly and Truthfully
    Tr3-0 ​
  17. #17 TheyCallMeKenny, Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2008
    i second the motion.

    ps. you are not 50 cent, or vanilla ice's son. there is no need to type like ur grabbing ur balls and wearing a tall T to the ankles. YAY AREA.
  18. If you have a problem with another member here, freaking report their posts. Don't just float around to all of their threads posting passive aggressive bullshit.

    Anyway, my room mate is a mids dealer, so I'm hardly ever dry but I smoke so much weed and buy so much from her there's no point in posting a pick-up thread every day, you know? I had this little green spoon that was made from green bottle glass, but I just broke it the other day. I smoke out of my room mate's sherlock or my metal peace pipe. I also have a Molino Mad Scientist, but a friend is borrowing it.

    I smoke a lot of joints, actually.
  19. thats awsome* im thinking of getting a molino but not sure on the exact type.
    even crazier i was planning on buying a sherlock off ebay too lol.
  20. the mods do post on here quite a bit they dont have a huge sign that says I AM A MOD on their posts so you might not notice besides at 40 something posts you havent even been here that long trust they are around
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