I'm buying a house in a few days. Got my life back on track.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Fadetoblack, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. About 6 miles away from my house in the woods, I was walking yesterday because I had nothing to do. I was on this dirt path leading to god knows where. Well I came upon this cabin in the woods. It looks a little run down, but it was still nice. 1 story. Now I have no idea who made this, but power was running (Illegally I bet) to the house from the near by power lines, I could tell it was illegal because the wires were connected to the trees.

    Well anyways, I went inside, door was open. It was empty inside, with a nice looking 1950\'s Kitchen/Bathroom on one side, A good sized living room, and a bedroom. It was about maybe 800-850 SQM total. So I called up my friends and this is what happened:
    \"Hey, I found a house dude, I think its abandoned. Come to the street right outside my house. Bring your truck\" My friend came with his truck. And he is going to trade school to be an electrician, carpenter, and plummer. So we drive down to this house. He is checking the foundation and land for any \"No Trespassing\" signs, but found none. He said the house was sturdy, and the water wasn\'t 100% great, but it was still good. He let the water run for a good 3 hours to get all the shit out of the sink, then cleaned it out for me. He made sure the bath worked, and the toilet. Everything worked.

    Well we then took a trip down to Town Hall at about 10am. My friends mom works there so I called her up and told her about my find. She told me to come down right away. So I did, she pulls out a map of my town and is showing me all the owned and unowned property lines. She told me that the house has been abandoned for 20+ years. And everyone just forgot about it. She then rushed me upstairs and had me talk to a few more people about the property. They said for the moment, because it was abandoned I could claim residence to the property. I was thinking \"You have got to be fucking shitting me.\" They told me that if I took perminant residence I would have to buy the land and pay the town taxes on it. It didn\'t bother me, I asked them how much land, and how much it would cost. They told me 10 acres, and at a shocking low price for 3,200 an acre. My rents house was 1 acre for 10,000$. They confused the fuck out of me with the tax talk. But I\'m going to call up my uncle who is a real estate agent and ask him to come out for a day to help me out.

    We were shocked. When we got back to the house I called up my other friend who is moving very soon, he has a bunch of shit to get rid of. I told him we needed 3 couches, 2 Beds, 3 Tables, 8 chairs, a TV, and I needed a lift to my house.

    He pulls up, with nothing in his car. I said to him \"Where is everything?\"
    He told me to wait a second, then all of a sudden, a big ass U-Hauls pull up with my friend sitting shotgun, and some kid I didn\'t know driving, blazing a blunt.
    I laughed, so then they backed up to the house, and we took a look at everything. While we were dusting the place, fixing it up and shit, the others unloaded everything outside.

    We cleaned the house inside and out, then started to get to work. We put all the shit inside the bedroom first. I finally have a KING SIZED BED! WOHOO!!!!! We then moved to the kitchen, put up tables and chairs, a beat up old stove that still worked fine, a toaster, coffee maker. And a fairly old fridge that worked fine.

    My good friend Bailey said to me \"What are you going to eat off of? The fuckin\' floor?\"
    So for his wise ass comment I sent him out to the dollar store. If your homeless, thats your favorite place to go! I sent him there with 60$. I told him to get Plates, cups, forks, spoons, knifes, everything I would need. He comes back with all fairly nice cheap glass shit and metal forks/spoons/knifes. So we then load up the draws, then move onto the bathroom. We just cleaned the shitter and bath tub and sink, put down a nice mat. Tossed up a towel rack. Then I sent Bailey out AGAIN to get shit for the bathroom. 20$ got me 12 towels, 5 things of really nice shampoo, some soap, TP, ect.

    Then It was time for the living room. This was going to be the best part, I could tell. We put down the couches and tables, took a little break. and finished the rest. The couches are nice, I like them. One is a really nice leather 3 person couch that can fit 4 easily. The other is a pull out 3 person couch, and the other one is a cloth wrap around couch, like an L shape.

    Then my friend walks inside holding a box, we set up the TV and shit, my friend Bailey (Crazy fucker) walks in, goes up to the TV still holding the box. Looks at it and asks for a hammer (Now keep in mind this TV is OLD) He then takes the hammer, and BASHES the fuck out of the TV. We are all asking what the fuck he is doing, but he won\'t tell us. After the TV is fucked up, he looks at me and hands me the box. Inside is his projector. So we hooked that shit up, got a white sheet and hung it up, and started to play X-Box 360 on it. 30\" shitty old TV, 72\" Projector! :hello:

    Well after a few hours the word got out about my new place. All of a sudden my friend Zach pulls up to check it out. He ends up chilling the night along with the 6 that were already there. Then we wanted a few drinks, so we called up my buddys brother Colin and told him to get us 10 30\'s of Budlight. He said fuck no, but he would get us 4 of them. Well after a while everyone was on their cells inviting people to the party, we made it a BYOB shindig, We went outside most of the night because 50 kids were there. And there are alot of open fields around the place. So we just went out to an open field about 50 yards away, made a nice big camp fire, and got messed up. We made it inside before the snow though.

    Everyone who came brought me some sort of house warming gift. Most of it was alcohol. Some shit was awesome, my good friend Tim got me a Super NES with Duck hunter/Mario, we played that last night like a religion.

    It was AWESOME! I have so many pics to upload of it as soon as I talk to my friend Kate (Not Kati, the one I talked about. I decided fuck her, she wasn\'t worth my time at all.) She was taking pics of the party. We also have before and after pics of the house. I will upload them next weekend at the latest.

    Sadly there is no cable, no internet, nothing. I\'m at my buddys house right now like I always am, just chillin out. I want to go to the town and see if I can buy that property tonight from them, we fixed the house up and made it livable.

    The driveway easily fit 30 cars last night. The backyard is MASSIVE, There are trees all around the place. I love this place so damn much! It\'s just what I needed. But sadly my only contact is now my cellphone, So when I do buy this house (And 100% I will) I\'m going to get cable/net out there ASAP, along with a phone line.

    The town said I would also need a P.O. Box if I took residence in the house, because it\'s out in nowhere, and no mail person wants to go out that far down a dirt road. I also got a call today, the town is sending someone out here at 4pm to check out the place and set a price on the house itself. I asked my friends mom, she said the entire thing would end up costing me about 150,000$, maybe a little less. I\'m pumped!

    I also got a job at UPS. 14$ an hour, full health, dental. 40 hours a week. I love it man, I\'m back on my fuckin\' feet, making something of my no good life. And boy does it feel GREAT!

    I went back home to get my other shit. And my parents asked why I was cleaning out EVERYTHING from my room. It was the single best moment of my life when I looked at them and said \"I\'m going to own a house.\" My dad just instantly got up and started to yell saying I had no money for it, and he was calling the cops. I laughed and said I would call them myself, and it was nice knowing you. He is RIPSHIT! AND I FUCKING LOVE IT! No more bullshit! No more waking up to yelling in the mornings, no more \"You live under my roof....\" shit, no more insults, no more rules (I don\'t say this to try and sound rebellious).

    No more.... everything :-D I can sit back, relax, work, go my school work. And in my spare time build onto this home.
  2. It took me like 2 hours cuz I was washin the 9-5. But dude, that is the fucking shit.

    I gotta come thru one night. +Rep if I can.
  3. that sounds so chill haha. will you just pay the house off monthly or something?
  4. Hell yeah man sounds pretty secluded and everything. I can\'t wait to get my own house this summer, ahhhh. Stay out of the laws\' sight and enjoy your new home man!
  5. Thats cool man, sounds like a mad night as well, good luck in your new home, sounds like a sweet pad!
  6. no doubt dude, reminds me of a similar old cabin my friends and I found in the woods, we had aspirations to buy it and fix it up but then we just smoked weed instead.

    rep+ for finishing the job, enjoy your new pad. edit: gotta spread some around.
  7. Why is it that Fadetoblack\'s posts always hurt my head?
  8. Good move on getting the job, that is the best thing you did. And then you scored a sweet place out in the woods. That is awesome. Have fun man, it seems like you went through alot before you got hooked up.
  9. sounds like a dream dude

    good luck wish i had my own place :D
  10. Yeah dude, pretty sweet. Post some pix of it when u can!
  11. Nice! You got away from your dad who seemed like a dick from reading your other topic. Good luck in your new home!
  12. ... you shoulda just moved in without telling anybody. If nobody knew about it for 20+ years you could have gotten away with it! if there was even anyone way out there to question you, just say it was your grandpa\'s or something. would you challenge someone if they said that about a random cabin way out in the middle of nowhere?
  13. Grats man! nothing like the feeling when you finally get back on your feet.

  14. That\'s awesome man! I really wish that would happen to me haha. It sounds like an sweet place. Where in Mass did you find this place?
  15. Holy shit, awesome story!!!

    I am happy for you man, you got your shit all worked out :hello:
  16. fucking lucky son of a bitch!! Why cant shit like that happen to me?! I live in the area, why the fuck cant i find some random cabin out in the middle of nowhere?!!? HUH? ANSWER ME!

    lol im j/p. But i got a question for you. Where are you getting the money to start off with? Cause you better keep shit good with your parents if your expecting them to give you money lol.

    And what about that Huge ammount of money your gramma left you and your tattoo/head shop idea? Are you still gunna get it? or is that fucked up with the whole parent situation? I remember reading about that haha
  17. The adjuster came by for asses the property also, he placed a market value of 43,000$ on the land. So tomorrow I\'m going down with my uncle to talk further about the land and try to get the price down a little bit. Still, fucking 12 acres of land for 43,000$ is GOOD!!! Really damn good.

    I cleared a 15,000$ savings bond that I had today VIA my credit card, and got my limit pushed to ATM withdraw of 2,500$ per day, and credit limit of 10,000$ a day. So I\'m all set for now. And I\'ll be taking out a 20,000$ loan tomorrow or the day after.
    We have no clue on the excises taxes yet though.

    My good friends are coming over tomorrow at about 12:30 and were going to build a back porch. Half will be screened in, the other half will be outside. Were also going to start hand digging a 14\' by 30\' and 10\' deep Inground pool, going to cement it so it costs alot less. Going to be a bitch to take care of, but WELL worth it man.

    My final plans for the house that I hope to have done for the summer is:
    Screened in Porch, 10\' by 12\'
    Outdoor porch 10\' by 24\'
    Inground pool, 14\' by 30\' by 10\'
    Outdoor paintball course (1 acre)
    4 wheel/dirt bike/snow mobile trails
    3 car garage (I can only hope for now, last on the list)
    tool shed 7\' by 7\'
    Fully grown lawn, green as the marry jane Mr. Postman smokes.
    Cemented driveway (Only the part near the house, the road will remain dirt)
    Outdoor shower

    I talked to my friend who works for a construction company, he orders all the wood and shit for his company, so I asked him if he could get me some and how much it would all cost. He said that the cement for a pool would set me back 2,300$ about, the driveway only 500$. The wood for the deck and shed and garage would run me only 4,200$ hehe, 420....

    So I\'m pumped. Were also going to Home Depot tomorrow to get a new sink, shower, toilet, piping ect. Anything we need.

    But I called up a buddy who is an electrician and he is going to come out tomorrow and hook up a few phone lines, more plugs (There are 4 outlets in the ENTIRE house.) some ceiling fans, and lights, and cable lines in the house, along with outside plugs where the porch is going to be.

    Also having a lawn guy come, old family friend. He is going to fix up the yard for 200$. Just the main yard, not the entire 12 acres.... Then we are getting some dry wall and insulation. Going to put in a oil tank and well on next Thursday, along with a septic tank, That shit is going to run me 10,000$ about. Thats the most expensive part. My wallet will want to commit suicide after that one. But its gotta get done.

    Then were going to best buy to get my brothers discount and pick up a new stove, fridge, microwave, everything we could need.

    I love my mom though, she stopped by today to check out the place. She said it was amazing, and once it gets fixed it will be better. She gave me a check for 12,000$ for my new house. She said \"I\'m not paying for your school, I\'m not paying for an apartment, I\'m not paying for anything of yours. It\'s the least I can offer right now.\"

    That money is going to Jordans furniture in the near future! And my bank account is at 32,500$ right now. The loan is going to buying the property. The money in my bank is going to fixing up the place. And the money I make working is going to my bank, which will go to paying off the loan, and also expanding the home.

    Before I die I want to make this house MASSIVE! The basement is nasty as hell right now, none of us even want to go down there. I checked it out and saw a spider the size of a baseball, so we freaked out and chucked some of those rat bombs down there to kill the giant mutant spiders. Now we have to wait 2 days before we enter there, or well..... we will either get very very sick, or very very fucked up. Going to take the basement and turn it into a little party room almost. Going to finish it, drywall, the whole deal. I don\'t want my house being fucked up by a bunch of drunk kids, I don\'t care if my basement is because I\'ll only be down there for the parties.

    Sorry for the LONG fucking post guys! I\'m EXTREAMLY excited for whats about to come.

    Edit: Geo, I get that when I\'m 21, and I\'m going to open shop when I\'m 21, or later. I\'m 18 turning 19 in May. So got a few years to go. I discovered a few bonds, large amount bonds that were given to me at birth that I\'m using for now.
  18. Dude, that sounds fucking awesome. You are living my dream. I hope I can someday move out to a nice secluded place like that. Are you surrounded by forest? It must be awesome to blaze down there.

    Good luck with the house and I\'m really glad everything worked out for you.
  19. hell ya man, thats where its at.

    When I turned 17 I moved out of my rents and into an apartment with my 2 best friends... and I thought that was incredible. Im over a year in and it had seemed incredible, until I found this.

    You seem to have everything worked out, so congrats man. Im glad your havin a good time and everything just seems... right for once, ya know?

    I had a rough childhood so I can kinda relate to your problems with your step-dad, and I know how good it feels to get out.

    best of luck to ya, and party the fuck on!
  20. grats to ya and good luck man.

    id have to start some plants if you surrounded by woodlands.
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