I'M BUSTED: Plants, Pipes and the Police

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  1. Ok, so a little back story:

    My friend came over to my apartment to chill with myself and my girlfriend. Long ass story in a nutshell, I left for work (graveyard shift), and come home on my break to find out that he got drunk and loud, causing a noise complaint. They sent the cops, we had plants in our closet, they entered legally (since apparently he thought it was polite to invite them in), and she was told she would be contacted about a court date.

    Fast forward to today, three hours ago. Got home from a long night of hard work, and sat down on the couch to eat and watch tv. Knock at the door, and immediately three officers came in and arrested her on the spot. They saw me, and didn't know what to do (since I wasn't present on the night of her conviction). Then they saw my pipe sitting in a small nook in the kitchen and arrested me too.

    Just hopped a cab back, and instantly came here, hahaha. Anyway, we're in deep shit. Oh, and of course, they tried to get me to "work with them" and snitch a few people, but I said I only knew them as Mr. Pink and Mr. White, which to my amusement they instantly scribbled down (don't think they got the Tarantino reference).

    Anyhow, fingerprinting and toe-tapping ensued, and I got back here, to an Apartment that might evict me, and no weed.

    God Bless America.
  2. ah man that sucks epic, hope it doesnt turn out to serious for you! but at least you have GC:smoke:
  3. Sorry to hear that man. I hope your "friend" got his ass beat down though. I don't Know where you live but if you get a sript before court they may be more lenient on you.
  4. Yeah, my friend got a talking to, believe me. He's going to be paying half of whatever our fines are, and if he doesn't, he still lives with his parents, and I'd hate to have to get them involved.

    Still, I went and did this right when I got home from booking today: http://capwiz.com/norml2/utr/2/?a=11280301&i=89181804&c=. It's a link to get your representative to support H.R. 5843 which will be voted on soon (basically outlining federal decriminalization).

    Jesus, if I wasn't an activist before, I am now.
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    ^ You said it right there. :rolleyes:

    Sorry to man.. I hate loud, obnoxious drunks. Unless they're a hot chick. :D

    Any idea yet what you two are up against, with law?

    Revoir dogs is an awesome movie, eh? I thought it was a shame though that they didn't show the robbery. Thats Quentin for ya, eh?

  6. lol reservoir dogs
  7. Try to get it thrown out, since your friend didn't really have the right to invite them in. I realize this could be a long shot, but still... if he was drunk, so obviously not thinking clearly, and you explain he didn't have permission to invite people into your home... yeah.
  8. The cops fucked up so much in your story, if every bit of that is 100% fact, just do your best to prove it to a legal system which isn't as easy.

    1. "Knock at the door, and immediately three officers came in and arrested her on the spot."
    Did they have a search warrent for your home when this happened? Officers cannot immediately come in, if she answered it all they had the right to do is arrest her at the door without a warrent to search the place.

    2. "they entered legally (since apparently he thought it was polite to invite them in)"
    Did your girlfriend also give them permission, without her permission they had no right to come in since he owns 0% of that place. Also look at your apartment lease, the name its under is considered the primary owner and your friend doesn't have the legal right to allow them in.

    3. "They saw me, and didn't know what to do (since I wasn't present on the night of her conviction). Then they saw my pipe sitting in a small nook in the kitchen and arrested me too."

    Can they prove that the pipe is yours and not your *friends* that Could have been left behind from the 1st conviction.

    If you can get a lawyer and fight this, also remember that if any movement made in a political matter is protected by the bill of rights which allows places like temple420 *church on superhighme* and other non-medical places exist. Marc Boyers videos can give you alot of info on that as well, many ways you can fight and win this but the thing is they are going to try to drain you dry of money. Thats all they want in the end.
  9. best movie ever

    On a harsher note, sorry about the conviction.
  10. Man, that sucks hard man.
    The reference is mad funny though it that makes you feel any beter.
  11. Ok, I just found out that they're trying to pin "Intent to Distribute" on me. This keeps getting better. Apparently, they are saying its a felony offense (which in the state of PA, NORML says one plant is a misdemeanor) and that I was growing to sell.

    What interests me about that is how I had no bags or scales anywhere at the time. In fact, of all the evidence they took, nothing would have had any indicator of trying to divide it up and pass it out. I just don't get it...

    Looks like that's one more thing for me to have to fight against when my court date gets here (still don't know when).
  12. break up with your girl and beat the shit out of your friend. Stay cool with him though..remember "bros before hoes"..but he did just sort of cause alot of trouble for you to deal with now. Good luck brutha..but I wouldnt suggest writing about this on GC, or on the internet at all, they can use anything you say or write against you.
  13. good advice as well.
  14. My stupid brother comes to my house with his high school friends at night and they make a lot of noise. I'm constantly telling them to keep it down, that I have neighbors. They turn the stereo up at midnight.

    If he comes over and I'm not home, I risk having the cops called because of them. It's terrible. I'm trying to teach him not to call attention to himself.
  15. Ok, I have some really good news about all of this. My girlfriend is facing the felony charge now, and not me, but she managed to get ARD by writing a letter to the DA about the absurdity of her conviction. That was fucking awesome, and I'm so happy for her. She gets to keep her scholarship and doesn't face a life-long felony record.

    As for me, I get a misdemeanor (possession of a small amount and paraphernalia) with no ARD, but if I pay the $570 court costs in 30 days, the small amount charge is expunged. Here's what made me smile for the first time in months: I get no fines (except the court fee), no community service, and only 6 months of non-reporting probation, which doesn't even start until the officer gets back from vacation two weeks from now. I know this isn't perfect, but my lawyer fought hard, and I'm happy with what I got considering it could have been much worse. Where I live, the judges have some of the highest conviction rates for drug offenses in the state. I got really lucky.

    The only bad news in all of this is the permanence of a misdemeanor on my record, and the fact that because of it, I no longer qualify for government funded student loans. That's right, now I can't afford to go back to college. What amazes me about this is how our society expects us to be upstanding, educated, and contribute to the nation's development, but prevents one from ever receiving said education after such an offense.

    When my probation is over, I would really like to leave this country. Anyway, I'm gonna hit a bowl and get some sleep. Shows you just how much I learned from all this, eh? :rolleyes:

    Peace, GC. Zzzzz.
  16. Any time a prosecuter bargins down before pretrial is because they have a weak case and a conviction by default is still a conviction your lawyer should have told u and your girl to fight it!
  17. Also most lawyer will try to make you take a deal because there fat lazy ass gets paid and you think he worked a miracle for you .THE SYSTEM SUCKS IN AMERICA .aND PPL WONDER WHY MOTHERFUCKERS GET GUNS AND GO POSTAL.:mad:
  18. That blows dude.... sorry to hear about that
  19. Shit brotha thats fucked up.....i hear ya on leavin the country.....fuck the USA
  20. no matter how he fucked up you'd be a bitch and a half if you got them involved. keep personal problems on a personal level and deal with it yourself like a man.
    *edit- but yeah that does suck balls, flee the country and come over to scotland.

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