Im bummed out about GC

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by usgrow, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. dude, i want one of those!
  2. just because it's the site we all love doesn't mean you have to buy from here.
  3. ya but im finding lots of different places but no way to know if ther legit,

    grrass city needs a price matching policy lol
  4. Go to a headshop near you.If you don't like what GC has to offer,they are not going to change the price for you.
  5. The laws of commerce and capitalism state that enough people feel the way he feels, yes, they will change their prices. When any business loses enough sales, they will either change their ways, or die out to their competitors...just ask Circuit City
  6. very true
  7. All you can do is email the Shop at and give them links to cheaper prices and ask if they'll match it. I don't know Superjoint's policy on that. The worse that can be said is no.

    I found one site that has it cheaper that I might consider to be legit but the others I wouldn't even think of browsing much less ordering from.

    Sometimes legitimacy is worth the price. I'll pay more for something at one site that I know is legit than pay less at one that I'm unsure of. In the end, it's worth it to me. We all are different people with different thoughts and opinions, though. :)
  8. this is th eoroginal budbomd and not a cheap ripp off, be carefull what your order, check out the price again, I believe we offer the cheapest original budbomb around. Refresh your browser cache!


  9. grasscity has the original for 29.99
  10. yes and ours is 28.50 USD???
  11. Clear out your stored internet cache. The price was likely reduced, but your browser may still be showing the old price...
  12. Yeah, it's lower now.
  13. That thing looks like a nightmare to clean lol.
  14. Shit i dont know why your complaining. I bought a budbomb when they first came out and i paid 60 for it. Now one of my brothers friend wants to buy it from me for 60. So i can make a easy 30 dollars if i sell and rebuy one.
  15. because im not buying it when they first came out:rolleyes: less money i spend the more money i have for dank. i call it shopping
  16. I don't buy from GC! I bought my pipe for $9 bucks at this crappy smoke shop in the run-down side of town. It's the crappiest piece of shit, but I love it. It gets me high:smoke:

  17. Freeloader ;-)

    only the good, not the bad....

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