im building a bong...

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  1. hi grasscity community... i recently joined and im constructing a water bottle bong. this might seem disgraceful to some of u but im a blunt person and at this very moment im bored so i figured what the hell y not make a bong. does anyone know what i could possible make a bowl out of ? dont say tin cause i heard its bad for u. Thanks
  2. Metal pen tip is a classic for me, maybe a real slide or a socket for a Wrench, what i use for my g tube i can get u a picture if u want, also check out youtube. you can get some smart water bottles and you can get some percs going. ive seen like a 7 perc water bottle bong.

    Good luck try out different stuff
  3. you should of posted this in apprentice tokers/toking tools

    use a socket set bit for a bowl!

    search youtube for homemade bongs, there are 1000s

    goodluck though:smoke:
  4. See if you can get a hold of a Trumpet Mouthpiece. Love em' for homemades.

  5. Work great but awful for your health, it gives you altimes just like tinfoil..So ive heard

  6. not unless you light your bowls with a jet engine
  7. gud luck and made some thing different
  8. a fucking socket for a wrench works perfect

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