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im blazed and had and idea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mxtoker, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. i just thought of this just now, but when people say poision ivy is natural and it will kill or hurt u blah blah bull shit. well get this every thing we have that grows has a use. we were made natural so we have natrual things to heal, have fun, or help. like in the dark ages they didn't have a lab to make poisned tiped arrows they used a plant to poisn stuff but poisen does help us it takes bigger anmials down faster and allows for any body hit to be fatel.

    wow that makes total sense....maybe its because im high tho :smoke:
  2. Wooooooooooooooooot! + rep mate

    hahaha :smoking:
  3. yes yes in ancient times poison tipped arrows were used, but I'm just about sure they did not use poison Ivy :p . Poison ivy is a very moderate poison which illicits the itching response, I'd like to see you take down a bear with a poison ivy tipped arrow. Everything that grows has a role in nature, not necessarily a role in human consumption or use. I've heard of poison ivy being dangerous through inhalation however, urushiol is released into the atmosphere when it is burned and this can illicit a vvery dangerous reaction in your lungs. Consumption can also illicit a dangerous reaction. So those who say it can kill you aren't quite bullshitting.
  4. stoned theories are the best. you should post this in the philosophy section.
  5. I don't get an allergic reaction to poison ivy, idk.

    I was watching this show last night and it said that the stomach acid in snakes can burn through metal (!!!)
    So..if you're ever lost in the Amazon and the only way out is a huge metal gate...use snake stomach acid.
  6. the poison they used was belladona and fox glove mostly but yeah poison does help us in some ways but it also hurts us in alot of ways.
  7. damn i got the worst case of posion ivy a couple years ago my neck legs arms and chest were all broken out it was SO bad because I was at a soccer camp at the time, 7 day sleep over camp, and the motherfuckers MADE me go in the pool with the poison ivy

    and let me tell you posion ivy + chlorine = not good

    i wanted to fucking kill the guys who made me go in or sue um or sumthing, maybe just smoke a bowl but w/e it sucked, dont get it k
  8. next time your high and have an idea.........let it go

    haha just kiddin that shit actually does make a lot of sense, and im not even high......yet:wave:
  9. haha just now had a chance to look at my threads and i totally forgot about this one haha makes perfect sense too. :smoke:
  10. It clears it all out the next day, though.
  11. what are you guys talllkinnng about
  12. IF you:smoke: it will make sense
  13. QFT!
  14. i am so confused... wow man N is having a baby
  15. There's a fatal flaw in your theory. Humans are not the center of the universe. Not every plant in the world grows for the sole purpose of being able to heal a human. It's true, many of them can... but there's plenty more that are completely insignificant to humans. But it is true that every plant and animal indirectly relies on all other plants and animals. Which is why the world is so fucked up... the humans stopped acting like animals and put themselves above the animal kingdom and ruined the entire world.
  16. Exactly man, if you read my post above you can see I agree. I said every plant has a role in nature, not necessarily human consumption.

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