I'm black out hammered man!?!#

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    What's up City :wave:

    Something that has been irritating me alot lately, is all the people who LOVEEEE to get 'BLACK OUT HAMMERED!!!' YEAHHHHHH!!!! BING DRINK!!!!

    The people who wake up in the mourning from a heavy night of drinking, their first initial thought it probably:

    "My Godddddd what the fuck happened last night.....I don't remember how I got here, what the fuckkkk :confused:"

    That's not fun people.......

    My buddy started drinking twice the amount of alcohol one start and he was like "Dude, I'm binging tonight and blacking out, Becky said I was so funny and nicer when last time I couldn't remember"...........

    And I just started busting out laughing??? How is not remembering your night and acting like a drunken wreck "cool" to people???

    In my opinion: getting headaches, seeing double vision, slurring words, loss of balance, loss of intelligence, and most importantly loss of memory is the dumbest thing I've ever heard :devious:

    I know people who died because of binging, I know people who loss all their friend because of binging, I know people who have shit themselves and ate it because of binging. I know so many more stories about people fucking up/humiliating their lives.....because of binging.

    I'm glad I got out of that phase as quickly as possibly.

    I always pick up a 6 pack of REAL beer. Not any water light shit, but probably once every 2 weeks. And then just relax on it throughout my day, maintaining that steady perfect buzz :smoke:

    I smoke everyday and feel perfect and beautiful. Could never imagine drinking everyday

    Your thoughts blades, or do alot of you enjoy getting 'Blackout hammered' and could share your reasons why. Thanks ;)
  2. I got tired of alcohol after about 2 weeks lol I'm a marijuana fiend now whenever I can cop some dank..
  3. Meh, it's situational. I can smoke whenever.. But drinking is fun during parties and such.

  4. Yeah I'm always the marijuana fiend :bongin:

    I smoke everyday vs alcohol buzz once every 2 weeks. :smoke:

    But I don't even like being 'drunk' or worse. I find it annoying. I just enjoy the smallest buzz from it.
  5. I don't like getting black out drunk, but it happens. Sometimes when I'm drinking in the course of a party some shots will come out or someone will challenge me to bong a beer or something....maybe me and my friends run the beer pong table or flip cup...depends on the night.

    I've cut back on drinking a lot since Freshman/Sophomore year and I much prefer having 4 or so Blue Moons or Heinekens...but there are still nights where I rage and have 8-10 drinks, I usually won't black out from that but my head will hurt in the morning, usually cured by a few bowls and a bottle of water.
  6. ^^ exactly, i don't drink much, and getting drunk just kinda sucks. Its so hard to control yourself, and its just embarrassing watching someone stumbling around. Why is it not frowned upon in modern society, yet weed is class B ?
  7. Whatever, how is this any different from all the idiots on here screaming "dood i just copped some dank, i'm soooo high"?

    it's pathetic when people think that their drug is more respectable than someone else's
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    Some people just like gettin fuckin trashed. Why? Shit idk, its all just painkillin in a way. Motherfuckers around here are hammered 24/7, you begin to adapt. Around here "binging" is "drinking" everyone usually has 10+ beers. A 30 lasts a couple hours. I don't drink much, but the people at my complex def. Do. Its fucked but so is everything else nowadays..
  9. That is crazy that you know people who get so drunk they eat their poop...that is quite the party trick!
  10. I'm cool off getting drunk. I stopped drinking a few weeks ago bc it makes me feel like shit. Yay for weed :D
  11. I'm kind of backwards. When I was underage and drank I was always super responsible and never blacked out once, never puked, never got into a fight (actually the peacekeeper) ... etc etc.

    Then around 18/19 I turned into a mean drunk and I said some really really mean things to some people and I slowed down. Then I said something really REALLY mean to a female friend and she never forgave me and I always felt bad. So I stopped (willingly).

    Now (at 25) I'll have a beer or two. After that I'm done for the night. The last time I drank, though, was New Years. I'm not a huge fan anymore.
  12. I smoke everyday, its my main thing. But alcohol is my occasional treat at parties.
  13. I don't drink that often but when I do I have a tendency to get black out drunk. I never plan on it.. In fact, it's the opposite. I usually start the night off telling myself to take it easy.

    Then one shot leads to another and all of a sudden I'm hammered. I haven't embarrassed myself too badly.. but I did piss on my buddies fridge one time.
  14. Wait......What?

    What kind of alcohol do your Friends drink?
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    I love getting black out drunk. To me it's fun and a great way to get away from life and just do whatever my drunk ass feels like doin. But I'm in college and I don't see how anyone could make our through college author getting blackout drunk every once in a while.
  16. I used to black out all the time but waking up in the morning hungover and in a panicked state isn't good. Trying to figure out where you are, whats that awful taste in your mouth, how did you got here, where your pants are, etc.. It gets old. Now the farthest I take it is browning out.
  17. drinkings more social. a lotta people have problems with it. especially college kids. i like me some heineken once in a while..

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