I'm beginning to not believe this whole sativa vs indica thing.

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  1. So, I started smoking a straight sativa ( Durban Poison), and I noticed I'm getting super tired and fairly drowsy.
    I smoke a Indica (forget the name), and I'm feel more "awake". Relaxed and not stupidly drowsy.

    So isn't this the complete opposite of what's supposed to be happening?
    Is there some freak way that my ADHD reacts better to an indica rather than sativa? Because sativas put my ass to sleep.

    What are your folks' thoughts on this?
  2. The bud was harvested in different stages
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  3. I have definitely heard that having ADHD plays apart,but I would smoke with someone and know what your smoking. Just so you know what you "should be feeling". Just in case you or your guy just mixed up the strains/names.

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  4. Names don't give bud genetics. Chlorophyll does. Much like names don't make people individuals. Chromosomes do.
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  5. It could be the reverse effect. Highly energetic ADHD kids were given black coffee, and rather than speeding them up, it had the reverse effect of slowing them down, allowing them to concentrate better in school and sit still. Gotta find a strain that works for you, high CBD low THC is a great choice for mellow fellows
  6. I get my weed from dispensaries.
  7. Grand daddy purple (found out the name! found my old tube it came in) is a pretty well known heavy, sleep inducing indica. It seems to wake me up.

    Durban poison is a pretty well known Sativa, which wakes people up. It puts me to sleep.
  8. Unfortunately, in the bay, as fast as CBD's came, they went just as fast. No one carries CBD dominant weed anymore.
  9. Yeah I totally agree. I was smoking a strong Sativa a few weeks back and every time I'd get super high I'd just pass out. I tend to choose Indica dominant strains and none of those has ever put me out like that.
  10. Same here, esp now that I'm in a legal state. The last sativa (Kepler 22b) I had made me more tired than the last two types of bud I got, both supposedly strong indicas. Cookies Kush and Platinum OG. Makes me wonder about the science these companies are doing, might be lacking.
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  11. i think your just smoking bad weed man
  12. Not all brains were created with the same neurochemistry.

    However, for most people who get a sugar rush after the high speedy goody euphoria comes a staggering crash followed by sleepiness. THC is nothing but a specific plant sugar and high doses, especially in dab form, will ignite that sugar rush to the brain.

    The CBD portion of the tetrahydracannabidiol molecule is the oil side as opposed to the sugar crystal side, and this tends to slow down the synapse firing and give a calming sedative effect.

    THC sugar is a rush, CBD oil is a slow down and feel the stoniness calm your nerves. Not all plants are given the same ratio and genetics, and not all clones of the same named strains were grown with the same love and care.

    It really takes a good farmer to grow a good crop and bureaucrats will always muddle the picture to make the end consumer confused on pricing and sales.
  13. Sativa and Indica both give me the same feels. I think the supposed differences are in our heads. Blind studies to see if we could tell which we're smoking have all failed.
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  14. Most mids are indica and most kush is sativa from my experience. If I smoke a sativa I don't want to do anything definitely affects you physically.

    I smoke some indica and I can still work but will be a bit spacey from the head high indica is known for,
  15. I concur, OP. Cannabis has got to be one of the least understood plants out there. Speaking from personal experience, the exact same weed will produce completely different highs from one day to the next. Dosing is shifty as fuck too.
  16. Okay, I'm not saying for the same reasons you might be experiencing this phenomena, but I too have cases where Sativa will make me drowsy and sleepyish, and Indica will give me kind of an alert boost. It's due to a mix of ADHD and chronic pain from past injuries. It's kind of nice in a way, it gives me an extra category of uses for both kinds, so I'm not complainin'.

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    At this point with all the crossbreeding out there it's just a spectrum instead of it being Sativa or Indica.

    Strains will lean one way or the other but you're not going to get 100% Indica or hundred percent sativa anymore

    And like someone already mentioned it depends on what time they're being harvested as well
  18. It's crazy you would say this because this happens to a freind of mine. His medication tweaks the living shit out of anyone who doesn't have ADHD. Ganja acts on him just like you describe happening to you.

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