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I'm baked!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. I'm baked like a cake...someone frost me! :p

    Ahhhhh, I feel so good. I took a trip outside with my huffalump and smoked a j of this new stuff that I chanced upon last night. WOWZERS! I am one fuckerdoodled chick.

    ...and I completely forgot the main point to this thread. When I remember, I'll come back and post again.

    Either the munchies hit too soon or a cake sounds damn good right about now. That requires effort to actually make the cake, though. I do spy a York Peppermint Patty and after trekking through the inch of snow practically barefoot that resulted from this "massive" winter weather that our dorky weatherman was talking about, that might be the route to go. DAMN! I fixed about 15 typos typing this. Even this...I connected it to that and had to fix it.

    I like this...a lot. :D

    *edit* Had to fix 2 more. LOL! OCD!
  2. See its not easy being here stoned off ya face all the time ,rotflmao.
  3. Baked like a cake huh? :D I'm gonna start using that one! I'm dippin' out of here in about an hour to go get my smoke on too. Can't wait! ;)

    Forget the point of the thread? Lol, stml is happening an awful lot lately. :p

    Got the munchies real bad huh?

    I'm glad you're roasted good and proper....

    To cure those munchies, grab a Whopper!

    Lol, I'm such a dork! :p

  4. Wow, me too!
  5. not yet but soon my parents gotta leave first.
  6. woo hoo!! stoned = good, and good = fun, and fun = happy ;)

    good score on the buddha!!

    (now wheres my song list! you forgot didnt you! ;) )
  7. I'm baked as well :)
  8. Still baked. I'm going to go make some potato soup. YUMMMM! I all Christmasie right now. :D Doing Christmas stuff...getting higher. Being happier.

    (No, I didn't forget. I'm actually getting a little help from a very cool guy who thinks you're cool for doing that and may be stealing your idea...and the songs. LOL!)

    ...and screw you guys. I was wanting someone to frost my ass! ;)
  9. I'll frost your ass!!!!!!!!

    Give me 3 hours to knock your door down..

    We'll make a cake with smooth icing, and the blaze the night away.. Wake at dawn with more whip cream, and the blaze the day away..

    Chocolate, strawberry swirl with just a touch of vanilla and topped with...............................................

    Do dreams come true or do we just wake up????
  10. If you can't tell........................ I'm baked and full of icing!!!!!
  11. i've been high since 1 this afteroon and it's 1 in the morning here and still stoned :D
  12. I am stoned as well. And I HAVE CAKE IN THE KITCHEN! WOO HOO! Gotta love other peoples b-days
  13. hah im baked as well. Good to see everyones gettin nice and stoned durin the holiday season, i dunno bein high right around christmas just feels better i dunno why.
  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm peeppppper delish.......ughhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm sooo yummy..

    im baked like a fresh loaf myself. :D
  15. id frost the ass for ya rummy, but im all outta "icing" right now... kinda wasted it on my keyboard this morning :D hahahaha.

    oooooo, maybe i should make some cake, or christmas cookies!!

    actually i might be making some sugar weed cookies today ;)

  16. I know, it really does.
  17. i just smoked so much weed yesterday, 3 blunts full of weed.
  18. Weed is good. Im nice n baked n faded n stoned n waisted n what not.:) glad ta be here. Go rumjil..stay stoned;D
  19. Damn! I'm freshly baked as well, off one blunt of some pretty good stuff, it didn't look that good but it got the job done, much better than it looks.
  20. mmm just smoked a bunch of middi's... first smoek in 3 days... its like an orgasim of sorts :p

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