Im baked in Class!

Discussion in 'General' started by izze, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. I'm really high right now like really really high and I'm in Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology. How do i not get caught!. Also does anyone know good ISU questions about society. (like example is : Is media, such as television, hollywood entertainment, socail media the most powerful tool we have today?)
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  2. I don't condone you getting high before class, BUT if you are going to do it don't get super stoned just get a little buzz. It's not worth the paranoia of getting caught

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  3. Yeah, that's the spirit, fuck getting an education, it's not getting caught that really matters. Take your life seriously, no one else will.
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  4. You do not get caught by NOT GETTING HIGH BEFORE CLASS. The ISU question I have is this: Who cut your hair?
  5. I got stoned before classes in HS and also college, but not as high or as frequently. Luckily it never hindered my performance because I still tried in school. Today I'm still here working on a masters (60k/y starting) or PhD (90k/y starting) in biochemistry. When it comes time to get a job, I'll most likely only be able to smoke a few times a month. IF that.

    I have other stoner friends that are all very successful in their classes. One who is just about to become a chemical engineer... which may be one of the hardest majors out there.

    Long story short, take your future seriously and put your education first. If you can smoke and still do good, I don't see an issue.

    Just be warned though: if you're going to college with the assumption of getting an "easy degree", you may as well not even waste your parents money. Good luck finding a job with a humanities, psychology, socio, or theatre degree.
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  6. I think there are jobs where knowledge and competence doesn't matter. Can't you get a government job with those kind of degrees?
  7. Dude going to school high was fun as shit!!!!!

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  8. Ahhh the paranoia of youngsters......brings me back to my youth.
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  9. Whats the big deal? Believe it or not, college instructors do not give a shit as long as you aren't being disruptive.
  10. The Big Deal = Poor retention..
    Why even go to school in the 1st place?..Why not wait til after class??;)
  11. Studying high and paying attention while high in class are easy to do and more efficient for the active learner who cares about performance. One instance in my psychology class last semester I got high before my 2nd exam and scored a whole letter grade better than the previous exam where I did not get high. It's all in the mindset of how you wish to be, not in the frame of mind of others who have no clue what's going on inside your head.
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  12. Some people can actually handle cannabis and education. Blaming cannabis use on being a bad student is just a cop out.

  13. I mean if you want to get shot at for a living, I can get you into a job for 150k a year with no degrees needed other than the ability to want to get shot at. College degrees mean jack now days if you want money.
  14. Don’t ask questions, Guy McGuyverson. That’s how you get everyone in class focused on you
  15. Not sure what an ISU is, but my question is, ‘Can we assume that you are giving us good information if you had to get a teaching degree to make a living at this, rather than working in the field?’

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