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Im baked, here's how!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Laughing Grass, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, sorry if I make no scense but i figure if everyone else is doing these kinda threads then why cant i, ya know? Anyways, i was talking to my bro while smoking a cig about getting a six'r cuz i wanted a buzz pretty bad. so i go into my room and get it prepped to scrape so i can get the resin out and then I started thinking about where did i put my stems and seeds to that bag and wheres the orignal bag at. so then i remembered I put a nickles worth of weed in it and folded it up in my zippo box that nobody would look in. So I found the weed and i was like holy shit, where'd this come now im this is the first time i ever found weed I actually forgot about cuz i been smoking resin for a few nights so it would have helpped to find it sooner. anyways, thats my magical journey, now i gotta go to the food shack and get some munchies....bbl. :smoking::hello::hello:
  2. Wow, just wow, you sir are baked.:smoking:
  3. lol wow, i wish i was as high as you right now.
  4. Oh highschool summers...
  5. Haha, I remember the time I found weed.

    I ground up a TON of bud in my grinder, but had to leave on short notice before I could smoke it. I promptly forgot about it and smoked the rest of my weed (not in the grinder).

    After going dry for a few days, i bought more weed. Open up my grinder to bust it up, only to find about 2g packed into my grinder :hello: !
  6. Lol i found about an eighth of weed taped onto the back of my radiator cover under my basement work counter. it was kinda old but nice nonetheless :smoke:
  7. nothing beats finding weed when you have no weed
  8. I'm baked too! Here's how:

    I smoked weed.

    Sorry, I had to :D
    But nothing beats finding back up weed.
  9. found a eigth in one of my pockets before. like a month before me and my friends had bought a quater to smoke and i geuss the dealer gave it to us in two eigths and we didnt notice. it was in a pair of pant lying in a pile, awesome find.
  10. I know what you mean-it's the best feeling ever.
    I once went dry and had no money, so I sat down to play some MW2 with my friends. One of the controllers wouldn't turn on, so I went to put new batteries in there and found about a gram of weed in the battery pack. Wasn't much but it sure beat having sweet fuck all. :)
  11. thanks for the replys guys....i just smoked 2 bowls of it and I have about 1.5 bowls left for 10pm. I dunno if my bowl is worth scrapping but im selling a laptop for $700 in a few days so when I get that cash I can get a fat sack....nah i gotta pay my rent and shit.
  12. Couple weeks ago I found about half a gram of some decent mids underneath the passenger seat in my truck... Talk about a nice find.
  13. jajajaj hell yeah man i love when that happens, i found an 1/8 in my car i have no idea where it came from or whos it was but i smoked it, love finding dimes an nicks an shit in my pockets an shit
    blaze on homie :smoke:
  14. Holy shit an eighth?! Thats really lucky haha, the only thing id find in my car is a half eaten roach :confused:
  15. i always try to hide away like a couple gs when i got bud. so when im out ill come across it and be psyched:D
  16. what he said. I would kill to be able to get that high off a nickel bag lmao.

  17. haha im a girl, but its all good. everybody assumed im a dood. maybe its the name i chose?
  18. Finding weed is awesome
  19. Lol I would love to find random bud I left around. But I can't for the fact that my parents might find it, and I can't afford them finding it :( So I'm always 100% on top of my shit when I'm high. The drawback of living with your parents.

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