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Im bad at math help me out with this please lol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankdiddy42097, Aug 31, 2013.

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    Ok so for like 2 or 3 weeks I've been getting these 40 dollar eighths off this guy and today I wanna hit him up about a 20 but how much will that get me? 

  2. this is incorrect.
    Eighth's= 3.5grams
    twenty = 1.5-1.8
    I would be upset with 1.5
    If your in the pacific northwest though, you should be able to find some great $10/grams stuff.
  3. probably only a gram or 1.5 but it depends on the dealer. the reason your eighths are 40 dollars instead of 70 is because you are receiving a price break for buying more product. Most dealers wont give you a break if your only buying a gram, but it all depends on your dealer so u just gotta ask him. If an eighth is 40 hell prob give u a g for 15. 
  4. all depends on the dude. he might do 20 gram 40 8th, or he might might give you half an 8th for that 20, which would be 1.75g
  5. how does a twenty dollar gram make a 40 dollar eighth? 
    even if you do it logically, he should be getting half of 3.5 grams for 20 and that is between 1.7 and 1.8.
  6. Basic math implies you should get a teenth, but it might be a little less depending on guy.
  7. If it were me, at that rate, I'd do 1.6 since it's a lower quantity and taking the same time to do a deal for less, I'd basically charge you a $1, lol.
    Bulk is where it's at, at least here in the PNW. $10 a gram, but once you get up to an ounce (depending on who you go through), you're looking at anywhere from $180-$240 through regular connects and as low as $150 if you aren't medical. Medical is even lower.
    1/2 quantity is usually close to 1/2 price.
  8. sorry i was stoned haha i hit him up its 1.5  :smoke:  and to think a month ago I would've been paying 20 a g
  9. Yeah I like to buy in bulk but when I want to save up money I just buy small bags -.- im weak lol
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    Saving up money would be better off getting the discount from a bulk buy, just so you know, lol. You might be spending more at one time, but you'd be saving a significant amount regardless. Say I bought 1 Pound a year....I could spend $4500 buying by the gram all the time or I could spend $2000-$2400 or even less if I bought it all at once and wouldn't have to worry about it the rest of the year. I'd also save on gas money, time and stress (not having to worry about hookups being dry or other issues where they can't meet up). It just makes too much sense to purchase bulk if you can.
  11. grow some. I pay about $.80 a g (between electric and h20) and get about 200 grams each harvest.
  12. 1.7 something
  13. That's simple. If your dealer followed a linear price increase then theoretically you would be buying 1/16 of an ounce. (1/8 * 1/2)= 1/16
    1/16 of an ounce is 1.75 grams.
  14. The OP's profile picture is epic

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