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I'm Back.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NdicaBud, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Hello friends,,I'm back,,,,not entirely together,,but back just the same..I was again passed up for the death train,my ticket was again,, invalid, my gratifaction..,and it's good to be home...How grows it?...Looks like I Lost my status..... I was unable to be here...forgive me all....

    What a ride,,,all started out easy enough..,...

    For the past year I have been thinking of shedding my interest in the construction company,,basically my partner was not ,,as it turns out,,,a good choice,and the economy in the area fell apart. After deciding to make it final..,though I owned the majority,,of course assetts,tools,policies,etc,as in a marriage,,are divided. While in the process of driving trucks ,tools,etc to the ex-partners new city of business was an easy days highway ride away,,hey,what the hell, I didn,t need to drive any of them ,,,so I took the scoot..

    Nice day it was too,sunny ,fair weather...ahhhhh nice ridin..I was behind the 'ol red dump at a stoplight,,in my mirror,,,the stake truck was comin up behind us,as it should,,,all was well,I turned away from the mirror,and looked ahead ,,then I heard the screech,,felt the bike go hard out from under me,then the vehicle hit my back as well ,my head went back,and took us both forward into the backend of the dump.

    That's all I knew when I woke up in the hospital bed stuffed with fuckin hoses everywhere,,,and I DO mean everywhere..!! But quite frankly,at the time,I didn't seem to care,,,I did not feel much..seems they have all the good was not in good shape,, it seems I have a broken ankle,2 fingers,wrist popped,L shoulder,elbow popped,Left hip joint popped,and muscles,ligament torn at the groin,knee hyper-extended,and popped,crushed foot,hairline skull fracture(that's right,,no helmet),and of course some road rash on my head,gasoline eyes,,but thats it....Praise Good Riding keep the pieces together,with limited roadrash..yet still count on many bruises,,.lol...Seems they pulled me out from under the front of the SUV, that just had to get in front of that stake truck that was closing in on me at the the light,,(as if there was gonna be room!),,,Oh whats this...the driver DID NOT SEE the Bright Red Harley With The Human Operater,,,I guess maybe without the Bike in the way,there was room..........(excuse me,.>>.)HEY>>>,,START SEEING THE FUCKING MOTORCYCLES..she's loud enough!!they hear her!!why can't they see her???...Now she is FUCKED,and I built her myself dammit,she meant something to me...,and I'm simply not doin the best........with the whole fuckin idea in general...makes a guy want to break someting,,,,,ya know,,,, I'm trying my best to make humor now,,,and move along....Damn.!!'s been a rough year,,,but I will heal...

    Needless to say,,I have been basically,,an invallid. I could not even wipe my own ass,,and thats just not good for anyone....It took one day... after getting out of the hospital.. to figure out that I would not be able to stay at home without constant care. I managed to type something to the city,,with the help of one of the kids propping me up,,before I fell to the floor,and got caught...of course by the was never sure if it really got to the boards,,,it's not easy when your all doped up,and can't see well from the gasoline eyes...but I had to try before they took me an old folks at least,,it would seem like one!!.

    So I ended up in a relatives house getting my ass wiped,and getting fed like a little baby,,since everything is either broke,tweaked,or temporarily innopperable from these fuckin braces on my hips,and legs,,bandages,and bullshit. I have a sling for my shoulder that is not worth a damn for comfort,and the shoulder/arm was quite clear about not moving it to much,,or comply Had to sleep in a pile of pillows at an angle,,hips,and back are tweaked,it don't feel good at all,there was no other way..and it still hurts,,even then. And it completely sucks not to be at your own home,in your own bed....and away from the family..I hated it....but for the sleep..

    That was many weeks ago,and now I'm home,with my family,still fucked up of course,,but better,...I can finally use my right arm a little better.,wrist,and fingers still hurt,and don't move the best...,but I can feed myself,wipe my own ass,,and type with one I am at least going forward slowly. I can't sit in a regular chair,,so some friends have fixed me up with an electric recliner. I can hold the keyboard in my lap,and a table for the phone and such,and it's week they will take off the hip brace....coooool!!

    I have not been taking the meds as I should,,,I really don't like them...and I have found that I truly must appreciate the quality strains,as I still find that even though I don't like the side effects ,,I need to take the meds or the pain can get the hospital,it was morphine,and of course,,that works..I must be getting old...for it hurts so much different...than before the years it's time to build a Trike.....? I must ride....after all....

    My head is twisting up a bit over it all though,,,I almost fucking checked out again,,,,not good!!...Then all the self analysing of what you could have,or should have done,or not done.. raids your mind...not only about the fact of the collision,,but family,and all things in hear the burdens,accomplishments,and joys of life,, all brought to a single note summation,,in the music of what is your time,,..your life....then deafened the remaining silence...cold,and alone....there you are,,,basically...royaly fucked.....

    So what's up with everyone else,,,,,anybody miss me??
    Time to read all those PM's I got....peace

  2. Yeah man, i was wondering whatever happen to you? i wasn't seeing anymore of your lovely plants anymore on the city. Well its very good to have you back, lets see some more pics soon man.
  3. We all sent worlds of good karma and prayers your way old friend. It's good to see your back in the city.

    It's hard to find words to say about your accident other than when it comes to big trucks NO ONE wants to be in the rear. They will do what ever it takes and risk above all risk to get in the front.

    It takes disasters to make us all realise the important things in life are given the least amount of attention. For you my friend it's not to late.

    Get well and keep your head up. Good karma and prayers are still coming your way!!!!!
  4. Sorry to hear about what happened, everything will get better though, good luck.
  5. Glad to hear you are keeping a positve outlook my friend!! Welcome back!!
  6. I haven't been around enough to post but I did miss you not bein' here.
    I am so have had such a rough year. If I could give ya a big ol' hug, I would. Well, a big SOFT hug anyway.
    Don't get obviously still have a reason to be here as far as God is concerned or he would have brought you on home.
    I have faith in you gettin your hair in the wind again. You HAVE to.........for those of us who can't.
    Love to ya dude. Take it easy...........or ant way you can get it!!

    heh, try sayin that ten times real fast..

    man it sounds like somebody was watchin out for you, glad to see your doin better than before...and yeah man, humor is the best medicine, the most positive outlook you can have is to laugh at it......heh, but thats comin from me soo:D

    anyway, glad to have ya back, glad to see your doin better, and hope ya get tons better man...good luck and good karma your way :D
  8. Ndica would you like your mod status back? I'll talk to SJ to see what I can do. He didn't know when or if you would be back. You may want to send him a PM.
  9. DAMN GLAD to "see" ya!!!!!!! I've been able to get access to the "CITY", when whatever Hotel I'm stayin' in(Workin' Const. on the road) has a "puter. Was wonderin' WTF ya was!!! Sure glad ya beat the Reaper again!!

    Unoit just had a real close call too!! All ya'll Bladies and Blades BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!!! It hurts too bad when Family and Friends like Ya'll have troubles!!!

    Hope to "see" ya'll again soon!!!!!
  10. HIGH All, NdicaBud sure glad your ok Bro!!!!! There are so many to teach my friend and as we know so little time.

    Nothing like family when your a hurting unit. Give yours a ((((((((((HUG))))))))))) from us here on The WET Coast.

    Again Glad to see you back Bro.
  11. welcome back hun, sorry to hear about your accident & struggle to recovery. glad to have ya back :)
  12. Damn that's some crappy news! Hope you're feeling better man...sending some good karma your way!
  13. welcome back. i haven't really gotten to know you very well, but i've enjoyed reading your posts in the past.

    sorry to hear about the accident. it's good that you're doing better though. i hope all goes well for you throughout your recovery.
  14. Well Damn! this is this first that I've seen of this. I hope Ndica makes a full recovery and is hobbling around before long.
  15. THINK._SEE. Motorcycles.

    That's the bumpersticker on old blue.

    I live by it.

    Shame more people don't.

    Glad to see you back around! I was wonderin where you got OFFF to.

    I've lost 2 friends to people in cages runnin them down on their bikes.

    Glad to see it was'nt 3!

    Look at it this way,

    You've got a great story for the next time you hook up with the biker buddies.

    I'll burn one to your speedy recovery.

    And I also hope you can put your ride back together.

    Take care dude!
  16. That's the last post I've seen from him since September. I hope he's doin' OK.

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