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    It's Agust, 12, 2011 (idk how to spell august and my birthdays in 9ine days). So this is how my day started. No side tracks I promise. (Jammin to Snoop Dogg, DogyStyle *****s wilding) So I wake up to a message from IBChifien, he say's, wait let me check facebook for what he said cause, i don't remember. Well fuck it i'm not trying to type all that, but he say's meet me at Le Tour le Maurbog, lmao i forgot whats it's called, I live right there, (Aww shit Juicy J - Stupid High) wow I'm boutta sleep like a god. Okay well he say's beet him at 4, so i leave my crib at 3:58 exactly I remember. I'm there chillin in my pj's, Detroit tigers snap back, some baby blue shoes from H&M, and a pink Polo V-Neck that got died pink lmfao, looks dope as fuck. Well I'm here chillin at the Metro, Le Tour Moberg, or some shit, and I'm waiting :confused_2::confused_2::confused_2: (I'm jammin to my tumblr playlist, Nicky Minaj Did it on em just came on, I'm not a fan of Nicky Minaj but her tits are nice, and se sounds good when high). So I'm waiting, and *****s are muggin me, like straight eyein me, I wait like 30 minutes, then i'm like fuck it, I go home, take a shower, change, lookin all nice, I go to McDonalds, now I stay with my sister, in a Studio Apartment like 5 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower, it;s pretty nice, cost like 1,800 euros. So I walk all the way to the Champs Elysees like an hour and a half to McDonalds, waited in line for like 15 minutes, that shit is packed, like seriously 8 cashiers, (Tupac Change just came one, lmfao, hold on that part of the story will be here shortly) so many mothufuckas. So I order une Le Big Mac, grande fris, grand boison, i think thats how you transalate it. I order and get the fuck out, now I got to walk home, far as fuck, well not really, but really wtf. (Someone messaged me a sex message on tumblr, I want my dick sucked, fuckk).

    So I get home and my sister isn't home, she calls and say's she went to happy hour, WTF :mad::mad: I wanted to chill, and eat my onmoonomonomnom, but no she went to happy hour with her friends, so i'm like where the fuck to go, and where did I go, Le Eiffel Tour. Yes the Eiffel Tower, I went there because I smoked weed there last time, and my dice were rollin. I get there around 6:30, and I'm just strolling (AWWW SHIT SNOOP DOGG LODI DODI) around, eating my Le Big Mac and shit, and chillin. At the same time I'm lookin for that kush. I swear I went around the Eiffel Tour like 12 times, and them I stopped and did some tricking, acrobatic shit, backflips, gainers, scoot gainers, shit like that, and I keep strolling. Now in Paris *****s will do anything to make a quick buck, and I peep this guy selling champaign and shit, it's like (Juicy J - Lets get high, my feet are shuffling, whhaa), I cop some champaign for like 5 euros, I go across the street of the Eiffel Tower, on the harbor and punish that shit. Smoke a couple cigs, and I AM SET. Now on the harbor in Paris, you can do what the fuck you want, drink, smoke, play loud as music. These old as people, well not that old, were getting their groove on, who was I to not try to get my dick wet by a milf. So I'm fucking with clothes on to, Black Eyed Peas, forgot the song, but yeah was getting it. So I'm still a bit tipsy, and I'm walkin around the Eiffel Tour still, and I stop an I'm like fuck, let me trick my dick off, so I take off my Celio Jackets, cost like 59 euros, not trying to get that fucked up, with all my shit, passport, wallet, inhaer (RICH HIL - PASS ME THE BACKWOOD) inhaler and shit. Take of my shoes and I get to tricking, take in mind it's like 12:Am, paris time. so I'm tricking infront of the EIffel Tower, and Tipsy, I go for a Full ( for those who don't know thats a backflip 360) and I bust my ass, clear, I'm laughing my ass of with everyone whose there, and this kid comes up to me.

    I start laughing for no reason, he's like " You do Capoeira", I'm like naw, It's called tricking still giggling, giggidy giggidy. And he's got this accent, not french but, Spanish, he's from Peru, well he's Peruvian, and Norwegian, odd ass mix, myself I want my wife to be Russian cause I believe they go hard as fuck. Love you future Russian wife. So the kids like yeah, I do Capoeira, and i'm like aww shit my *****, and we hit it off, I teach him some tricking, he teachers me marijuana, now i'm never the type to be modest, so this kids got moves. I'm like aww shit, I'm a good wrestle and fighter, but this kid could probably whoop my ass. But he's cool as shit, and we started talking about weed, that was great. So he leaves, and it's like 12:30, so I start walkin around Paris again, cause we looking for that kush. And what do I find? Some *****s smoking weed right under the Eiffle Tower, I'm like Yo, MEGUSTA MARIJUANA, and they're like yeah "SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY" and they put me on a jay.
    I finish that shit and start dancin, lmao, I do an Aerial and they go crazy (An Aerial is a backflip, where one leg goes above your head, with your second following) , i bust my ass flat and start cracking up, everyone does. Le Policia are right infront, WTF. I'm like shit i'm done, but no, Le Policia don't do shit, and I'm there toking. So I say Au Revoir to my new friends and head home. Now I'm here telling you this shit, hope you like it.:smoking::smoking:
  2. paragraph,or,fly,A,kite

  3. I got a batman kite, fuck you. ok.
  4. What the FUCK did I read?
  5. I want what you smoked
  6. Dude.... whaddafuckk...?
  7. You got McDonalds, got drunk, got high, did a bunch of flips and shit.... I can't believe I just read ALL that just to find that out....
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    Your fuckin hard man! You just earned alot of respect from us and we all love you.

    Got enough troll love? Alright, gtfo.
  9. Wild troll thread used fool, wild troll thread was shun upon wild troll thread fainted.

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