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  1. After rip off of sep 07 I had to shut down. My outside grows got too obvious and when we got ripped the old lady freaked. After buying our stashes for the past year and a half, the wife said okay to a small indoor.
    I have 1000 watt switchable MH/HPS with 6" ducted in room painted white. I planted 16 seeds, 10 were female. I got the seeds by breeding a male celtic to female celtic and whatever strange seeds I had laying around. I wouldn't keep a seed unless it came from something really good. For example, I bought an eighth of Blueberry from the local legal store and one seed popped out of the bud. I planted it. The problem is, other than the celtics and one clone S-15, I don't remember what plant came from which seeds.
    One of the celtics has a real bud growing out the center of a fan leaf. Too much Bud-Blood?
    Plants are in 3 gal dirt, Foxfarms Ocean and Happy Frog mix.
    Nutes are Advanced Nutrients A-B Bloom, CarbLoad, Mother Earth Tea, Cal-Mag, Big Bud. PH down to control PH balance

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  2. That shit is frosty as fuck where did you get that celtic from OMFG:eek:
  3. I got the celtic seeds trading with a dude in Australia. I sent him some hazes and purples. Plants are 4 to 5 weeks from harvest. I switched to 12 hour cycle Dec 15.
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    Here is a pic of one of the fan leaves with a bud growing out of the center. There are several like that. Has anyone seen this before? Other plants seem normal enough.

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  5. Here is a close up of the fan bud. Anyone ever seen this?

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  6. Omg those buds look so frosty n good like u dipped them in a sugar bowl or sumin! Nice grow dude, i want to have plants like those one day. For the bud growing out of the fan leaf is crazy, i want to see a pic of the bud from the fan leaf when harvest comes please?
  7. Those are beautiful plants dude. I'm envious.
  8. Dude, you're a lucky, lucky man.

    That's a very rare gene/mutation that appears in a few strains that to the best of my knowledge originated from the Chinese land race strains. Those fan leaf buds can actually fill the whole leaf all the way to the tips, turning almost the entire plant into solid buds!

    Robert Conell Clark mentions it in "Marijuana Botany".

    Sometimes you just get a little tuft at the center like in your pictures and it doesn't grow past that, but sometimes it engulf the whole leaf. It seems that overall plant health plays a role in how far it goes.

    You simply must clone this plant, and/or try to get some seeds. This is perhaps the rarest variation of MJ I've heard of. I've never actually seen one.
  9. Hell ya, nature at it's best. Great plants.
  10. I think its too late to try and seed the plants. At this point is it worthwhile to trim the buds off the plants and try to re-veg them? I still have about 75 seeds left to try growing another batch. I have three plants that are showing that trait. I trimmed another bud off one of the plants and the trimmed leaves, not the fan leaves, are extremely potent. Anyway, can I re-veg the best plant after harvest? I would like to then clone that one.
  11. I'd say to find a minor branch somewhere and try to clone that. Maybe take one from each plant. Re-veg the clones, clone the clones something like 10x, and then keep one as a mother and put the rest into flower. This way you can see if the trait will persist (could be a mutation or a genetic trait). You can definitely pop more seeds while you do all that.

    I just strongly recommend cloning because this trait is allegedly very, very rare and if you can start a good mother that will clone true on this... man, that'd be freakin' awesome for the MJ community.

    Those other seeds might actually be hiding an even stronger expression of this quirk, so definitely check them when you can. Just don't lose the ones you have.
  12. I will definately try and clone the plants with that trait. There were three plants with fan buds. Today is eight weeks from light cycle switch. I trimmed some lower fan leaves that were yellowing. I think they need another week. I will try to take some pics tonight and post tomorrow.
  13. Here are some pics.

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  14. I just ordered a portable microscope to check the trichomes. With so many different strains I dont think they will all finish at the same time. I would like to ask about revegging? Should I repot the mother plant after I harvest the best buds?
  15. I started harvest and trimmage. The plants that have the fan-leaf buds also have a sugar coating on almost all the leaves. Only problem is after cleaning the buds that are left are tiny. The sugary trimmings do make the best leaf smoke I ever tried. One different plant will put out about three oz's dried so that one is a winner. Great smoking stuff, one plant has blue-grey thin leaves and tiny buds that are fairly dense. I think there are five distinct varieties of the 11 plants. I will post some pics the next time.
  16. Here are some pics. The big bud is dense and smells great. Other plants did not produce as well.

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  17. Is that a carnies hand? ;) Nice buds!
  18. How'd the cloning go?
  19. I am running the 1000W MH and putting the plant in the sun, Its getting about 18 hrs light. So far no reveg growth and the plant is looking poorly.

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