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Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Dec 16, 2001.


Can anyone tell me if the light is switched on?

  1. Yes, I can tell you.

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  2. Yes.

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  3. No, I can't

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  4. No, not anyone. Only people who know can.

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  5. No one can.

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  1. just incase anyone actually remembers me... i'm back, for a couple of weeks at least, until i get reconected @ my new flat.

    good things have happened around the world since i've been away. bad things have happened in the world since i've been away. i remain hopefull that more good things will happen in the future... and thats a good feeling. ;)
  2. I remember you! You was here when I first walked in on that snowy night, my sled dogs were exhausted, we had almost lost the serum in that avalanche, the little eskimo girl that we had the knife fight over.............

    I'm full of it tonight.

    Welcome back and C U round!

    P.S. If the door is closed, the light is off.
  3. Welcome back Digit! I also remember you as i walked in the door. Sorry that you had to leave because i came in. I left the light on but i think the bulb has burnt out!

    Good to see ya back!
  4. I have always liked you avatar, Digit.
  5. I don't know you but welcome back anyway!
  6. I read and enjoyed your thoughts, and then you disappeared! Glad to hear all is on the up and up with you, hope you keep on risin~
    Happy Holidays! :)

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