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I'm back

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Leif, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I decided to just say fuck the whole quitting thing and just deal with fast foods for a couple more years. I love Mary waaaaaaaaaay too much to just let her go. I had already decided this about a week ago, but this morning made the idea more concrete. I'm still pretty high so I'm just gunna ramble on about what happened, bear with me. I couldn't sleep last night, so at about 3:00 this morning I called my dad. I had a fuckload on my mind (I'm moving out of my mom's house to a town about a half hour away, so it's going to be crazy.). My dad delivers papers out in the country in the middle of the night. He asked if I wanted to drive around with him delivering papers and getting ripped. My dad has been in drug court for the past 18 months and I'd never smoked with him before. We smoked a couple bowls of KB (I wish I had the money for that shit) and talked about stuff. I guess I get my low tolerance from him.

    So that was my story about this morning. I might not be back on here for a couple months after Thursday. It may take a while to get internet, I'm not used to paying rent. If I don't get a chance to get back on here in between packing, working, and sleeping, I guess this is a peace out for now.
  2. quitters never win
  3. hey man it's good to see you around again!!! :hello:'s everything after the op.? sound like you're doing good! :D

    Take care, hope everything goes good in your new town!!
  4. Good luck man. I hope you'll have enough cash on you to pick some tree up, to help with the hard times...
  5. The op went pretty good, I've pretty much made a full recovery and I'm feeling great. I didn't get the op they were originally going to do. Something about my brain fluid flowing too well to get the tool into the spot they needed to. Oh well, I just hope it's a long time until I have to get another one.
  6. Hey man good to see ya :bongin:
  7. Hey its the guy from "Behind the Scenes with Leif Garret"!
  8. if you have been clean, ride it out and get a good job with some money. fast food fucks you up in a endless cycle. this is coming from someone you is still running that cycle and am now working to get a real big boy job. bookoo money, paid insurance, union, 401k.... all this is not acheived with herb in the blood. it sucks to say but its true.... im not saying go straight, but look at what you got and whats inportant for your future

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