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Discussion in 'General' started by Slothbear, Sep 6, 2001.

  1. Several months ago I had my computer seized because of some 'apparent' illegal activity that was going on on it. Well that illegal activity was nothing more than searching drug information, like this site has on it here. They were 'looking' for evidence that someone had hacked into someone elses computer from mine, and upon inspection of the mainframe found all my 'goodies', lets call it. Well 3 months and thousands of dollers in legal bills, I will soon be back for good. The issue is becoming resolved as we speak in court, and I hope for it to be sorted soon. I look forward to speaking with all of you very soon, and spark a spliff in the return of the origional, Slothbear:)

    P.S. NEVER TRUST A COP! if you do you will land in the situation I am in now.

  2. Well make that never trust an American cop. A friend of mine lost his wallet here in Amsterdam with 4 grams of weed in it. He got a call from the policestation that his wallet was found and he got the wallet back including the content.
  3. I still don't know how someone could buy pot from someone for years and than when they get busted with a tiny bit they completely turn over on the person, rat, get them busted and thrown in jail for 30 years or whatever comes from it (I guess depending exactly what the guy is up too) just to get out of a significantly lesser charge, than goes out and starts buying from someone else until the next time he gets busted, and on and on it goes.

    Currently due to the overwelming drug arrests in the area, the school is now offering rewards if you rat someone out for selling drugs. Now because of that all the dealers are shutting down for a few months until all this BS goes away, and there biggest worry is that it won't.

    I have been so enraged with the seizure of my computer because they have been drilling me to confess something for the last three months, and I dont even know what that is. Now they are talking on getting a search warrent and seizing all my friends computers, one of them having three and them being his only source of income as a graphics designer, all over something that I dont know what it is. So here I am now, broke, struggling and nervous, hoping the police do not return with another search warrent because of somemore bogus 'reasonable cause'.

    On another note, I am very lucky to even be here right now because when the cops came and took my computer I had pot growing underneath my balcony AND in my closet in the basement, thank god my computer room the top floor.

    It's good to be back.


  4. Yes, make that an american cop! Now if 4 grams of weed of mine got to the police station and was in my wallet...I'd be busted for sure! Anyway, here in Ontario cops don't care that much about weed just the odd one who likes beening a prick! Most of them though don't care too much just as long as you arent smoking it in a too much of a public place and use it responsible.They'll just look the other way :D

    Welcome back SlothBear! :D Long time no see eh?
  5. was there any need iamkevinspacey?

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