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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lilbilly, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. i left a month ago when the marine corps recalled me to active duty. when i got down to camp lejeune they said i was unfit for duty because i injured my back in a car accident a year ago. blessing in disguise i guess. so here i am. guess i'll smoke some for my boys over in the big sand box. semper fi. later.....
  2. Welcome back to the city!!
  3. Thats good that your serving your country, unstead of talking about what SHOULD be done.

  4. Welcome back :D
  5. welcome back! car accidents suck, but not in your case! was it a big accident?
  6. rolled my truck 15' off a cliff and landed upside down in a creek, but i didn't go to the doctor because i didn't have insurance. i just found out than my hips are out of place my bottom vertebrae is crooked and i have 2 bulging disks. and to make it worse i do concrete right now so i'm always bent over. later.....
  7. Welcome back, Lilbilly!!!
  8. WB LiL BiLLy [​IMG]
  9. Yeah! Another proud American! Welcome back.

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