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I'm Back

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by e0k2i4m, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. After about a ten year hiatus due to moving to another state with no contacts I put weed in the back of my mind. One of those behaviors that this professional must have out grown. That is till I was smoked out about a month ago at a tennis like sport I participate in. I immediately started looking for a hook up. Found 3 people that was willing to help but took about a month for any deliveries. The first guy was able to supply 1/2 for $200. The second guy was able to get me an 1/8 for $60 and the third was an 1/8 for $50. I'm sure I'm getting over charged but the goal was find multiple and reliable sources.

    Being out of the conversation for 10 years I would like to get thoughts of the 3 buds I got. The buds are in the same order as mentioned above.


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  2. My friend you really need to learn about the dark web, im a complete looser and have 0 friends ( im being pretty honest) i had a guy that used to sell to me but he got arrested and i never saw him again. the dark web is very reliable only had one order not turn up and i have ordered about 25 times +, if your living in the USA I Have seen vendors selling a hole oz for $170 and you can also get concentrates its fucking sick but i cant order from them as im based in the uk :( Vendors on the dark web have a section were it shows reviews of the product and all products come vac sealed so there is no smell 0 chance of getting caught :)
  3. that stuff looks pretty standard get your ass on the dark web im telling you xD
  4. Kinda high prices for street. Usually get a price break on a half.

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