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IM BACK YOU MONKEYS!!! (but with all kush)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by dafinestsniper, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. yo man

    the ones that are finishing up now look great!

    nice job - again
  2. Hydro,x-box live,FFOF,Beach town USA and healthy ass dank sweet nugs,great fucking thread man!!:D

    We need to just make a new X-Box game called DANK,where all us chilled GC grow freaks just smoke and share anything and everything we feel like.:eek:

    Ima be tagged DANK#1.;)
  3. *takes bow*:D

    thanks Green, I wish the buds were bigger (you know) but since I have over 50 bud sights on her I hope she yeilds decent still.

    I've also found out that kush must be grown organic in order or it to grow perfect.
    All plants from now on will be grown 100% organic. these two were my last in bullshit homemade soil.

    Yo Oci whatsup, God damn you should run for President with that stump speech ^:hello:

    That sounds like a perfect world to me.:rolleyes:
  4. GUSH, from RDC I bet! Good choice, that stuff is always tasty and punishing at the same time.
  5. wow snipe, them girls look amazing. im lovin the hell out of that strawberry, and that hindu is one unique plant. cant wait to see them dryed and cured:smoking:
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    My Herijuana/ K.O Kush/ Mixed Kush project.

    I have one runt in the back. I'm not sure what's up with it. It seems to have pH issues but the other plants look good. It might be a mutant or something. I flushed it with just pH adjusted water and it grew a new shoot. The new small leafs are healthy looking...I'm still dialing in this coco business. Fun though.

    The larger one is the PK. It grows so slow. I think I'm just going to flower her :rolleyes: . Not sure about her yet. Is your cut growing better?

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  7. I was chillin' with one of my homies tonight and he packed me a big rip of the Gush he got today. I was pretty burned already but I definitely felt that shit's effect on my dome. I was at RDC today and they had Diablo X Sage clones. Two of em when I was there, one looked really healthy. I really wanted it but I'm moving in like a month or so and I wouldn't have anywhere to put it.
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    damn!! you got alot of phenos to choose from Fatal. All the plants look real fuckin healthy, with those fat ass leaves your going to have some fire! If you want to flower that PK go ahead just make sure you get a few cuts from her now, and see if you can get them rooted beore you flip her. Im sick today im going back to bed.
    Oh yeah the TrAiNwReCk turned purple last night, I'll have some pics up after I crash.

    Gush is bomb it makes me real sleepy & lazy I wounldnt try to smoke Gush in the morning. I seen the diablo clones at RDC but they were crossed with sage aka stress.

    I asked about the abusive O.G they had and the owner said that abusive is OG with a fancy name. I called him on bullshit then he tries to tell me herijuani doesnt exsit anymore.
    Im not going to get clones from them untill they get someone working there that knows a little bit about weed.

    I hope the blackberry is really blackberry now. He scared me with his lack of knowledge.
  9. oh crap. is that where these other cuts came from?

  10. The only clone I bought from them is the blackberry.

    Forgive my shitty additude today, Ive been depressed, sucidial all week, The guy at RDC could have been jokin with me, but nothingz funny when your going threw it!

    Any suggestions on a good strain for deep depression? (pref. Kush)
  11. Pure Kush or Extra Strength Kush Extract will def do the trick. Dont feel down bro , itll pass and no way is suicide the answer to anything. youll be fine and im sure maybe some xbox or a good smoke will get your mind right.
  12. Yeah, I dont know why I havent smoked yet today. (to busy feeling sorry 4 myself):devious:

    Its been a rollercoaster these last couple of days yall, 1 minute im on my notebook chillin next minute Im pacing around the house with the strap. I NEED A 5th of Jack to go with this spliff.:mad:
  13. Whattup, sniper?

    Sorry to hear your feelin down, it's never a good feeling. I don't know exactly what is gettin you, but I'm sure you can pull through it. And like mjboy said, suicide is definitely not the way to go out. You've got a head on your shoulders, and tons more time on your hands to play your part in existence.

    As far as kush for depression, the kush alone doesn't usually do it for me, but kush's that have really uplifted me in spirit have been 1. Diamond Kush (I haven't had it since then) 2. Platinum OG Kush 3. Earth Kush and maybe a couple others. There is this dispensary near where I live that sometimes has what they call their "planetary line of kush". They are all very dank, and very unique, but who knows what they are crosses of.

    Also, I don't know about you, but for me, some nice relaxing music with that kush makes the day all the better.

    I don't know if you'll bump this, but I dig it.

    Common's Take It Ez (instrumental jazz mix)


    PS. Someone gave me 2 random clones the other day, I'm keepin them alive right now, but since it was totally unexpected I don't have all my shit together. I need some more $$$ so I can really get an op going, or I may just try to wing it and take it as a learning lesson for my first REAL grow. I'm reading up like crazy, but I'm sure I'll have some sudden questions - would you mind if I stop by and ask some questions here and there?
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    IT IS AMAZING what 1 gram of purple kush, cool vibes and some music will do for a lost Marine with PTSD. I feel alot better, got the music blasting & staring at my plants.

    Sometimes I forget life's a bitch, then I feel like going crazy when shit hits the fan.

    This blunt didnt get me high, it brought me back to down to earth. Thanks guys for the support and please stop by with all the questions you want if I dont have a answer MJboys has it fosho.

    P.S is this gonn be hydo r soil Uook?
  15. Yo fatal I zoomed in on the sprouts and they are flawless bro.
    What is your medium mixed wit again?

    and do you have the 400mh on them yet?:rolleyes:
  16. 24 pages of fun and pictures .. takin a break will be back again to see what it all looks like harvested :) nice grow lovin it
  17. Yo sniper, sucks to hear about your experience at RDC. I can't really give them rep for clones because I've never bought one from them, only their herb and concentrates. When I'm blue a sweet blunt of OG crack or Skywalker always puts me right. Relish in the fact that you got a real beauty ready for harvest soon.
  18. I'm using 100% Coco Coir with a little Plant Success (mycorrhizal fungus) for the seeds. I'm using Monkey Juice, Liquid Karma, and Voodoo Juice for base veg nutes. I have a couple of other additives (emerald shaman/big bud/ carbo load/ ect...) but I want to run this grow "burn free" so I'm using the KISS method.

    Yeah, they are under the 400. They love it. In the "PK" soil mix I use Miracle Grow Organic, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Perlite, and Dolomite Lime. (I actually forgot to add the lime into the soil mix initially so I plan on using it when I repot).

    There are 3 different strains growing in those cups. This is why you see so many different phenos. Herijuana, K.O Kush, and Mixed Kush.
    Mixed Kush is comprised of...
    The used plants are:
    * Killa kush/sannie's jack
    * Killa Kush/G13 (eskobar)
    * Killa Kush/Blue kronic
    * Kranial Kush/K.O Kush (knutsel)
    * Star Kush/K.O Kush (knutsel)
    (info from Sanniesshop.com)

    Overall I'm happy with everything now. I need to build a manifold drip system for these coco plants though because hand watering everyday is a pain in the arse. I'm loving this 400 watt light though. With the cool tube my highest temps are only 78 degrees. I'm thinking about getting a portable ac unit so I can keep the temps in the ~65-68 deg range for flowering.
  19. Larrys





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