I'm back like cooked.... naw I ain't back yet

Discussion in 'General' started by Butter, May 10, 2006.

  1. I haven't been on in a while, just saying whats up wit everybody, seen some old school still on here, and some new faces...

    shit just gets crazier and crazier, had a job... but ehhh

    doing even worst then when i left... was doing good for a while but lil cheese comes in and well fuck it... i fucked up

    shit just got hella realer to me

    but I cant even go out on a bad note, I don't have money but I still stay high, smokin chron and umm i dont eat much but.... and living from place to place..

    damn that shit aint even good.... but im living and got clothes and shelter and enough food to live so thats good enough and i manage to stay high off some chron

    but ya i just pretty much came on here tell yall im still livin, kickin it, and itll take alot more than the shit im going through to hold me down... gotta have some heart ya feel me...

    just had some free time and a computer so i figured id get on here, and holla at yall since its been a while, and i met alot of people on here that has showed me some love, hope everyone else is doing good...

    ill try to get on somehow later on some time... i dunno how, i might not have somewhere.. er nvm..

    holla at me and let me know some people still got love for me

    9-08, stay butterd
  2. damn i feel for you, goin through the struggle. much love and good luck.

  3. Whatup homie.

    Been a grip since i heard from you.

    Keep on Keepin Ya Head Up.
  4. why dont you take your pot money and invest it towards getting your life back together? and maybe be able to eat too.
  5. dont let down butters... 9-08 representin..

    dont let now bitches make you put ur head down and fuckin just live life like it was ur last day
  6. Hey butter,

    Been awhile, bro. Good to hear you're still around.

    I've been there, it can really get you down. You know what you gotta do, man.

    Good luck, I'll save your spot in the 'City.
  7. Hey Butters,
    So great to see you around again. Sorry things are going so shitty for you lately...hope things start to go your way. Lots of GC love for ya here!!
  8. dude before this month, the last time you posted was on 4/20.

    i mean i feel for you, but dude you havent really been gone that long. if it sucks so bad though, i suggest not making that money mistake again and spending time bettering your situation instead of surfing an internet forum.
  9. naw i didnt post on 4/20, more like 2/20 and alot of shit can happen in a cpl days..

    but anyways the funny thing is i dont spend money on smoking, ive been gettin smoked out for free for the last month and jobs arent the easiest thing to get, but ill get mine, here in a week so i got plenty of time to fuck around on the internet cause you cant spend 24 hours lookin for a job

    i mean it all falls into place, i had a job, was decent pay but not enough hours and just shitty enviroment... fuck that up and because i fuck it up a chain of events occur and that leads me to a decent payin job with guranteed 40 hours and a nice enviroment and im already personally kool with the boss and ima have my own apartment commin up here at the end of the month

    so im on mine, and then ima be able to save up cheese and in about ermm 1 month ill have enough to save up for a lil set up

    so now i just sit back, eat some crackers, drink my fruit punch, smoke another chillum and and maybe watch requiem for a dream and crash

  10. Rock on Butters! it's good to see good things happen to nice people, and you got fruit punch!!
  11. Welcome back bud!

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