Im Back I Have Missed All Of My Growcity Budz

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iximindtrickixi, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Hey guys!

    After taking a short break from the real world... (being incarcerated for minor possesion of marijuana which got blown out of proportion)... I am back! Some of you may remember me from a while back, I used to post ALOT, including my guide on making reflectors for CFL bulbs out of soda cans  :D which by the way I am super excited to see still being up :hello: 

    Anyways, just wanted to say hello to everyone I have and have yet to meet! I love you GC!  :gc_rocks:
  2. welcome back and sucks on the jail time dont even see why mj is illegal when the alcohol but hey. i joined in march on to my second grow are you growibg again or playing safe
  3. I am in the process of building my new stealth grow. And just ordered my seeds from NirvanaSeeds yesterday, so hopefully I will be up and running within the next few weeks with pictures and all. Doing a all organic-no additives grow. And welcome to GC, best place to hang out for a grower... I used to bring my laptop into my grow room and sit there browsing forums lol
  4. Welcome back! I have been lurking for a few years and joined a few months ago. What's strains are you thinking about growing?

    My grow is in my profile check it out!
  5. Very nice grow Junglejim, I ordered seeds of the AK47, Blue Mysitc, White Widow, and Wonder Woman. I usually only grow 2 strains at a time so I will start off with the AK and the Widow, Second grow Ill do the Mystic and Wonder Woman... for the third I am hoping to breed my own strain. If the plants come out as Nirvana described them, I will be VERY interested in cross breeding the Blue Mystic and the White Widow. I shall see.

    Right now my father who is a contractor is helping me build a small professional looking grow room in the basement, we got the walls and ceiling up, need to get a sealing door to seal in climate,light,smell etc. and then we will be putting up a nice ventilation system. Ill get all the pics up as soon as its finished.

    Since I am going to have an actual room this time I am debating maybe doing a hydroponic grow, even though I am a organic soilist at heart. I dunno, as I said, those are all decisions YET to be made lol I just need to get some high yielding grows up asap. I am dying for some good smoke and the crap that is street availeable around here is garbage so I need to get my grow up and will be counting the minutes until my first harvest lol

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