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I'm back & I have a ?

Discussion in 'General' started by joshy, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Well after no weed since October, I made my decision today to return to my pothead life. I think that its worth taking a risk of failing a DT at a shitty job than to be without my sweet mary jane. Anyways, I have a ? regarding testing. I read through Erowid's guide for passing, and the article said taking 4 asprins before a test can cause a false positive. I was just wondering how many milligrams should the asprins be? Now I'll just go back to waiting for Sunday nite when the magic happens. (and I have my frosted flakes and Big Lebowski ready)
  2. if your willing to spend $45, just get a detox drink. Then you'll be like 95% sure your going to pass
  3. detox drinks are BS.

    I think the false positive you are referring to was caused by ibuprofen (I think) which would just be an advil pill. I'm also pretty sure I read in one of the erowid links that they have now learned how to differentiate between an ibuprofen false positive and a real positive. What kind of job are you getting? Do you really think they'd test you?
  4. Inferior,

    I already have the job, in fact I've had it for about 2, 2 1/2 months. Its just they have the "random" DTs, and I asked a friend who has worked there and she has never been tested since she has worked there. On the other hand, they said I would have to have one within the first 90 days I worked there and well that didn't happen. Basically I have came to the conclusion about screwing "what ifs", but I still like to be prepared.

    Oh, and about the 45 bucks, I'd rather buy a bag of green. :)

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