I'm back from a temporary ban - and my song is FINISHED! Please listen!

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  1. i think you should have lowered some of the mids in the vocals and put the highs up some more but it was good 9/10
  2. Thanks. A professional is re-mixing it for me, so we'll see how it sounds. :) I'm sure he'll take care of that.
  3. Haha.

    Hey man. Strings touch. Notes go out of tune. But it's just learning and keeping at it.

    I've always wanted to be a carpenter, and maybe I could have learned it, but I never did so all I can do is hammer a nail into the wall to hang pictures and shit.
  4. Bump, folks. Just in case some have missed this. The song is blowing up!
  5. Haha - I voted on the "You can't play for shit!" just for shits and giggles.

    I would like to see the other two's work and how good they are.

    Seriously - I'm not being a dick. I really want to see what you two folks can play and how good.

    Hit me back.

    Oh wait - one was MistahWonderful, but we're cool with eachother.

    Calling out casp3r420. What can you do?

  6. Sounds to me like you should buy a set of drums and start beating the shit out of them haha.

    Good stuff OP, your talented for sure!
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    Also not my style of music, but talent is talent man and you have it. The music is good technically and the production is of great quality. Sounds proffesional.

    Plus loads of people seem to like this kind of music (although funnily enough not here,it would seem.)

    The main thing I didn't like was the vocals, not because you are a bad singer either but they kinda have this apathetic kinda vibe that i can't get down to. For me it's like the vocal equivalent of skinny jeans. Ha. That's not to diss your track though. Just stating personal preference rather than objective fact.
  8. Oh, no - it's fine, bro. I understand. I know the song one of those "feel sorry for myself" - type songs. I did disclaim it would be at the first lyric "I'm tired of feeling sorry for me...". But yeah, I know some people hate that vibe.

    But I aspire to stop writing about ME already (all of my song are about me and the things I've been through). I want to write about things that aren't common, but passionate to me.

    Examples - I've always wanted to write about the vastness and awesomeness of space. Also, I would like to write a song about aliens - maybe even like make the lyrics tell a story about a "what if" scenario.

    Or, to be deeper, make an emotional song about how we are so alone and how some of us feel so alone. Reminds me of what Ellie's father said (well, it was really an alien, but it took the form of her father to make it easier for her). It's best seem and heard from the video. THIS is something I REALLY want to write about - how we feel so alone but we have each other.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIXKvPWFpEg]Contact (1997) - Traveling Scene (Cut Version) - YouTube[/ame]

    Go to 3:25 for the talking. What he says hits me right in my heart because I DO feel so alone (that's just personal issues, but a lot of it IS because I feel alone as he/they say).

    And casp3r420 - still waiting for your response. But I won't get one... :rolleyes:

    Mr mr fan - thanks for liking the song.
  9. I actually had a friend message me last night asking if you were a professional band and where i could find more songs. him and and a few friend were asking i guess lol. they really liked this song i shared !
  10. Thanks - I appreciate it a lot.

    I've been stagnant since that song came out. I have a few other songs of mine on my Youtube channel, but the older the songs are, the crumbier the mixes and songs are. It seems each song I record is better than the last.

    So check out Youtube and I will dig up some more. And hopefully I will bang out another song soon.
  11. yeah not my style of music, i make rap music myself, but it sounded real good. Like a pro band. I think its awesome that you do everything yourself. keep it up man!
  12. It's a pretty cool track, I think a good producer could turn it into something really nice but those can be expensive (old school style producer, not beat makers, etc.), you may eventually find yourself at that point. Got some nice stereo spacing. The vocals sound fairly tuned and processed but it's not big time noticeable, maybe I'm wrong.
  13. It's really good its just not my type of music. Better than most musicians who do get exposure these days though...

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