I'm back from a temporary ban - and my song is FINISHED! Please listen!

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  1. Op I listened to your song again and I liked it even more. Keep up the great work man!
  2. write song about the city?
  3. I don't know man...
  4. Bump, Blades. I got a better sounding version in the OP. Here it is again:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKVwBifxdUY]The Light and the Grip of Night (Final) - YouTube[/ame]

    This is the final.
  5. Oh, and by the way, "I like tuttles".

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMNry4PE93Y]Zombie Kid Likes Turtles - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Lyrics (after I edited the OP):

    I'm tired of feeling sorry for me
    But every day it's worsening
    I'm not the person that I used to be
    - Everything is crumbling
    I can't seem to keep my head on straight
    I don't even know the date
    Maybe the best thing to do with myself is:
    Get off the ground, take a step and don't fall down again

    (Verse I)
    As broken souls, we wander for more -
    Looking for our own little cure
    Seeking out that light, while I can't even escape the grip of night
    But I'll try 'till the day that I die
    - Never give up - Never without a fight
    Taking a step at a time so maybe one day I can touch that light

    (Chorus I)
    Or will I go back on my word? One day we will all know...
    Until then let me be all alone
    I might go back on my word - I just don't know...
    Just let me be all alone

    (Verse II)
    So I sit here in the darkness
    - Only one way to get out of this
    That promise I made - I don't know if I can keep it now...

    (Chorus II)
    What in the world has fucking happened to me?
    - A victim of a self fulfilled prophecy
    I never thought I would be that person nobody needs
    Just let me all alone

    Everyone says that it ain't nothing, then take a walk in my shoes
    Everything is just so fucked up - there is nothing to do (yeah)

    (Chorus III)
    Back on my word, it's time that you all know...
    Until then let me scream all alone
    I will go back on my word - it's time for you to go
    Just let me die all alone (again)
  7. Come on, guys. Any ideas of how I can get this heard? Perhaps Reddit? I've never made an account. I think it's time.

    If anyone else can help by sharing the song/video, I would appreciate it more than you know. Karma goes a long way... :)
  8. Free weed to anyone who listens! Sike... :devious:
  9. First off, great piece. Around 1:45 there is a musical breakdown after the vocals that i think makes the vocals better overall. My semi-constructive criticism would be to somehow breakdown after one or 2 sections of the continuous beginning vocals. Im not musical though, so u can ignore me.

  10. Good answer....i have a feeling a song about the grasscity forums might be really fucking gay no matter how good it is rofl.
  11. (With 80's metal chugging on the guitar)
    "Grass Citay!!!! Grass Citay!!! Yayeah!!"

    Haha. And let me re-read your other post and see what you mean...
  12. Well, 1:45 is the chorus - the hook... So... I still don't think I understand.
  13. Huh, strange. Here on GC I'm getting no exposure, but on the conspiracy sites, they're absolutely loving it. Go figure.

    Anyways, for my huge audience here at the City, I have put together a playlist of my music on youtube:

    Lifelong Lesson (Formerly iMPAiREd) - YouTube

    Don't all go running at the same time now!
  14. [quote name='"iMPREPREX"']

    Dude, are you kidding me? I made beats like that with one hand over ten years ago with FRUITY LOOPS.

    You aren't even using real instruments.[/quote]

    lol how are you gonna get mad and start insulting someone and picking them apart just because they said they didn't like your music?

    not everyone's gonna like your tracks. can't insult all those who don't, it doesn't work like that
  15. We made up. We're cool now. I apologized and checked out his music and I like it. We just use different recording software and we're different genres. But his shit is tight. I'm just so used to rock.

    I got pissy because it was samples against real instruments, so I got insulted. But like I said, I listened to his music, and we talked via PM and he opened my eyes and ears.

    Hey may be using samples and Fruityloops, but he kicks ass at it and it's not any easier than what I do. I can't do that shit as well as he does. I barely got the gist of FL like 10 years ago, but it seemed like it wasn't conducive to my music. It's more for electronic-type music.

    That's all. I respect Mr. Wondaful and the music he makes now. I can admit I was wrong for being a narrow minded dick.

    How many people do you see apologizing over the internet?
  16. Not my type of music but its good though.
    I can definitely see it going somewhere.
    Don't forget about the city when you blow up.
    Subd to your channel by the way.
  17. I think the guitar and vocals are excellent....
    the drums......leave a bit to be desired for my taste...
    Yet they fit the mood of the piece none the less

    Wish i had your talent.....
  18. I don't consider it talent, Dingus. It's just something that I learned. A lot of learning. Anyone can do it. It's just a matter of putting however much time into learning.

    I'm no one special at all - trust me. :)
  19. I have my own talents....don't get me wrong....
    Give me a hammer and a saw and there is nothing i can't build...

    Music on the other hand.....i can hear it when there is silence
    I can feel it in every cell...

    Once i ran a crew where all we did was dry in new roofs....
    The crew told me they could tell what song i was thinking of by the rhythm of my slap hammer....

    Yet never learned an instrument.....
    Tried the guitar...can't hold down one string without touching another...
    Learned little on the piano...on my own...no piano to practice on made that hard to follow thru on....

    Btw- I'm just some asshole on the internet...

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