I'm back from a temporary ban - and my song is FINISHED! Please listen!

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    FINAL version. It's been scrutinized and re-mixed again, plus I added even more vocals. Can you please help me with ratings on youtube?

    When I first posted the song, it just ended abruptly after the second chorus. Well, it keeps going now and I even put a key change in the last chorus. This may be my best work yet. What do you guys think?

    (Final version):


    Here's an older version - a version that ends right after the second chorus. And there is more guitar in the intro that I took out (was happy I did!). Plus the vocals are far from perfect and needed to be redone - as they were in the new version. Here's the incomplete version:


    A lot of time, effort, and emotions have gone into making and completing this song. It just needed minor tweaks in the mix (volume levels, etc.) but for all intents and purposes - it's done! Fuck it. I'll even do a poll. Haha - I was one of the votes for "It sucks! You can't play for shit!".

    Please rate and/or comment on Youtube if you can - good or bad.

    Great to be back! Missed you all!


    I'm tired of feeling sorry for me
    But every day it's worsening
    I'm not the person that I used to be
    - Everything is crumbling
    I can't seem to keep my head on straight
    I don't even know the date
    Maybe the best thing to do with myself is:
    Get off the ground, take a step and don't fall down again

    (Verse I)
    As broken souls, we wander for more -
    Looking for our own little cure
    Seeking out that light, while I can't even escape the grip of night
    But I'll try 'till the day that I die
    - Never give up - Never without a fight
    Taking a step at a time so maybe one day I can touch that light

    (Chorus I)
    Or will I go back on my word? One day we will all know...
    Until then let me be all alone
    I might go back on my word - I just don't know...
    Just let me be all alone

    (Verse II)
    So I sit here in the darkness
    - Only one way to get out of this
    That promise I made - I don't know if I can keep it now...

    (Chorus II)
    What in the world has fucking happened to me?
    - A victim of a self fulfilled prophecy
    I never thought I would be that person nobody needs
    Just let me be all alone

    Everyone says that it ain't nothing, then take a walk in my shoes
    Everything is just so fucked up - there is nothing to do (yeah)

    (Chorus III)
    Back on my word, it's time that you all know...
    Until then let me scream all alone
    I will go back on my word - it's time for you to go
    Just let me die all alone (again)
  2. eh it's ok not my cup of tea but im picky welcome back to the city
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    Thanks. I love the City. So great to be able to post again!


    Yoda - you jerk. Just kidding. I understand what I did and I apologize. I was pissed though, but I got over it. I was going through a rough time, so I took it personally but now I have more clarity and have seen the errors of my ways.

    May the force be with you, Yoda.
  4. I thought it was pretty good. A lot better than most of the music on the radio these days
  5. Thanks, and I agree that radio music (these days) sucks. But I wouldn't mind hearing my song on it (the radio).

  6. This is you singing?
  7. thats dope if it came up on radio i wouldnt question it
  8. not my type of music but I definitely dig it man, keep it up
  9. Sounds good based on the style which I dont really listen too but you def got talent
  10. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it. Like I said - a lot of work, time, and emotions were put into the song, even though it took a year to complete.

    Of course it is. I'm playing the guitars, the bass, drums, and I'm singing lead and backup vocals. There is no one else involved in this but me. Bands never worked out and I have my own vision.

    Plus it's like therapy. My lyrics are straight from the soul and they depict exactly how I feel.

    Singing was always my weakest link, but someone has to do them. :)
  11. Not my kind of music.. But I think you very talented!
  12. holy shit dude, I really like this! There's no doubt that you've got mad talent.
    rated and shared your video C:
  13. Thank you! That is what I am talking about! +rep for sharing!
  14. Fuck yeah man. As soon as I get on the computer +rep! Shit is tight haha.
  15. Word up, man. Thanks! The way it ends is sick.
  16. Hey GC, if I make it big, I won't forget about you!

    Now listen!

  17. I didn't like it at all.
  18. Lets go check you out on Soundcloud. Brb.
  19. Dude, are you kidding me? I made beats like that with one hand over ten years ago with FRUITY LOOPS.

    You aren't even using real instruments.
  20. I just uploaded my shit to Soundcloud.

    Thanks for the site, buddy! Good luck with Fruityloops!

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