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  1. Hi and welcome to another journal that im doing for all to see. This time i feel it necessary to go a bit bigger, be a bit more daring and ambitious with my plan, i never stick to the plan but its always good to have 1 at least.
    The Plan
    My mission is to grow 3 types of MJ all with similar characteristics to give me a choice of smoke instead of the same stuff for 2 months til the next crops done. I also want to create a seedling/clone table, a mother cuboard and a veg area. I have the small economy lamps for the mothers, a 5 ft strip light for seeds/clones and a 525w blue enviro-lite for the veg area.
    The aim to all of this is to have a constant supply of cuttings of three types and have hopefully a rolling cycle every 2 months of swapping clones to veg, veg to flower and flower to my rizla tin!
    Haapppy daze!

    So what am i gonna grow out, ive had enough of the UK's best strain Cheese, it stinks far too much for what it is and the lowest yeilding plant ive grown out. So in my selection is Skunk#1 that i had left over from previous, Durban Skunk that was a freebie with my Mr Nice Dreamtime seeds. So there you go, all 3 varieties are tall sativa's or hybrids of, all have very different end products and hopefully it will put a smile on my boys faces and mine!:D

    Ill attach some pics tomoro of the grow cab situation as only the flowering cab is built and running. Hopefully tomoro will bring inspiration on how to make use of every space in my house and dedicate that space to growing my MJ. Oh and ill take some pics of the now germinating seeds. I need to get a move on and start building shit, oh hang on ive just been passed a J. LOL. See you all tomoro.

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