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  1. my existence is meaningful in the fact that i am here and exist in my own reality. this gives me the ability to decide and react on the given, therefore i assign meaning to my life.

    is there a meaning to your life?
  2. Enjoyment gives me all the meaning I need.
  3. too increase levels of dopamine and serotonin in my brain
  4. Why? Do you have an imbalance?

    I like to think my life has meaning, it certainly does to me :smoke:
  5. why does life need meaning?

    all it needs is to BE and it is.
  6. All lives have a purpose it's just up to you to find and persue it.
  7. Life doesn't have any meaning. This is freedom. You can do whatever you want with it. Its up to you to give your life a reason, a purpose.
  8. Life's purpose is easy to see, to keep life going in the endless cycle it is. Is life the only thing with a purpose worth considering, though? What's humanity's purpose, your purpose, America's purpose? Maybe there's more than one purpose for everything.

    It doesn't matter, though. Defining things in an attempt to figure out what to do next doesn't matter. It's what you do next that matters.
  9. I have the choice to do one thing or another. Therefore I can influence events which, in turn, influence other events. Therefore, my life has meaning to other things, which can influence other things, which influence other things, and so on. My life has meaning to nearly everything.

    I do not believe that my choices have any effect whatsoever, so my life has no meaning to myself. Others believe their life has meaning. since my choices can effect their choices, which they believe to have meaning, indirectly my life has meaning.

  10. And freedom=destruction of the environment.
  11. to change the world
  12. If i was too take a fat fucking dump, I would be ware of that reality once the smell comes. I will be aware of it all.
  13. completely fulfilled in being alive.

  14. wtf? How does this even make sense? :confused:
  15. I also believe everything has free will, but the "purpose" so to speak is for each consciousness to realize its true potential, which is the realization of the oneness of all that is and the unity of all things, and along with this comes a peaceful blissful infinite eternity.
  16. My purpose in life is pursuing knowledge, and hopefully someday adding something new to humanity's sum of knowledge before I die.

  17. This is it.

    Its amazing how powerful knowledge can be and its the only resource that increases as more people use it. If everyone contributed a grain of sand to our collection of knowledge, we would have many Everests in a short time.
  18. [FONT=&quot]I think spirituality is all about awareness. The more aware we are about the existence, the more spiritual we will be thereby having a meaning for life.[/FONT]

  19. Yeah, but see, in your final hours, all that matters will be what you learned and not what you taught other people or what other people gained from your contributions. I am not trying to say 'be selfish', but people place such an importance on giving back to society, helping future generations, etc., when, in the end of your life -like the end of the day when you put your head on the pillow- the only thing that's relevant is you and your journey.
  20. no. For some reason most humans feel like they need to have a meaning to their lives.. I'm satisfied with the fact that I don't

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