Im at work and the only other person here just left. to smoke or not to smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Headies123, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I work at a law firm and today its just me and one of the partners. she just left to take her daughter to the doctor and may not come back at all. so do i get high? i want to but i still have to answer phones etc so im not too sure.
  2. It's your duty to get high

    Then tell the high-powered attorney who calls you up to take a chill pill
  3. just smoke a little just so ur buzzin, u want to be able to hold the phone, but i wouldnt smoke if anyone will be commin back, they might sneek up on u. lol
  4. I just smoked my little one hitter out back and it was a great idea. i may start doing this more often lol
  5. no!! they got cameras out back!!! your so busted!!
  6. I'll remind you, you are under oath! Now, did you or did you not smoke marijuana!?
  7. Haha, its an estate planning attorney so all the clients are basically old as shit. talking on the phone to a client could be fun. cameras out back? no sir, you are paranoid

  8. word

    SMOKE SUM WEED lol :smoke:
  9. Smoke. It's the only logical thing to do.
  10. haha i was just playin
  11. as was i dude.

    i just picked up some really good sativa last night and its perfect for work! i took two good size hits and im the perfect level of high. i can actually get work done, im clear headed and in a great mood. this was a great pickup.
  12. I love that. Not so much 'high' as you've just had your mood elevated.

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