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Im At The Hospital Bored

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayohe12, May 30, 2013.

  1. And I wanted to toke. Now to mask the weed a Lil I was gonna roll a spliffy rather than a straight up j.
    Good idea or naah

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  2. Bad idea but if you do atleast go outside somewhere like come on now
  3. Well I know going outside I'm not that dumb!

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  4. Well in that case if your burning might aswell make it pure. I really thought you were thinking about burning inside i was going to call you a fucking tard. Lol. But why are you in the hospital?
  5. my mom has to get a spinal tap. :(
    The clean hospital smell will help mask it as well.  
  7. The spinal fluid will?
  8. OMG smoking weed in a hospital in California would practically make the 6 oclock news. Be careful.
  9. Wish the best for you and your mother.
    Stay safe.
    Stay high.
  10. I was at a hospital once and really wanted to toke up. I was planning on just going to the back of my car and just toking up, don't think anyone would noticed. I ended up just grabbing a coffee but I think I could have got away with it.
  11. No I meant the smell of the hospital as in how hospitals have that sterile smell due to its sanitizing, etc.
  12. Thanks everyone. She was diagnosed with Ms and im here for support because I hate hospitals but toked up outside the gates and now I'm fine.

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