I'm at Ganja university right now...

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  1. Just got to school and orientation has been underway for 3 days now. Of course the first thing i wanna do is blaze! So i waited till dark and began my the process of rolling a fat ass j;m using my brand new grinder for the first time.
    After struggling to roll my joint (i used a piece of some sort every time i smoked before this), I set off in search of a good place to smoke which turned out to be a road between a dormitory and a cemetery. There was no traffic on the road because it was late and it seemed a service drive anyway so i lit up my king size j and headed towards a shed on top of a hill. a few moments later my joint was getting ready to burn out and i was about 40 ft from the shed, three brothers walked out from behind it in a cloud of smoke. After a few looks at each other we realized we had a similar hobby.
    The next morning i got up to take a shower and the shower room reaked of ganja; apparently someone decided to wake and bake.
    Later that night i hiked back up to that same hill and settled down with a bubbler and approx 2gs of beasters. After about 45 mins of talking the cell phone and looking out for campus police patrols i sparked that shit, cashing it in about 3 hits (impressive cuz i am new at smoking and its a humongous bowl) i dumped out the water and cleaned out the ashes. When I was approaching the door to my building i heard the familiar clicking of a bic lighter. Two floors above my window on the 4th floor i saw someone lightin' up a bowl o weed and blowing the smoke out a fan. By then i was blazed and could'nt stop laughing until i got back to my room.
    The point of this rambling annecdote is that there are a to of fucking pot heads at my college! The RA's must be tokin too, cuz they don't seem to care!
    Kudos if read this far i jus have to vent because I am blazed!!!!!!
  2. u made it sound like ganja university is actually a college
  3. i wish it was a real college, that would be pretty badass. haze 101 here i come
  4. During my sophomore year, there were three dealers on my floor alone. Ahh, it was a good year.
  5. That was probably fucking awesome!
  6. defensive possession (class to show u how to defend urself against authorities)
    technology (u handblow/ make ur own pieces)
    english (poetry about weed)
    MJ history (self explanatory)
    Bio (how weed affects ur body)
    gardening 101 (this class is on the down low)
  7. Where are the art classes? Everyone would be so "inspired" and create beautiful works of art.
  8. im pretty sure there is actually...except its called cannabis university i believe? i saw it on the documentary "Super High Me" i think it was that, i know ive heard of a cannabis college somewheres in California

  9. THERE IS!


    Course Description:


    Course Descriptions

    Summer Semester
    Oaksterdam University would like to present our most comprehensive offering! The Summer Semester is a thirteen-week program, with classes being held once a week for two hours.

    Class time is a mix of instruction, guest speakers, field trips, role-playing, and features a weekly lab that allows students to monitor the growth of a plant from start to finish. Homework, project assignments, and a final exam are required of students interested in certification. Some homework assignments can be tailored to the individual student's learning goals, allowing the students to specialize their training. All of Oaksterdam University's current classes (all 101's and 102's) will be included, along with much more hands-on lab time, a field trip, and specialized training.

    Download Summer Semester Calendar here
    Download Fall Semester Calendar here

    Politics/Legal Issues 101
    All students will get a detailed overview of the politics and legal issues of medical cannabis and the cannabis industry. This course will cover the political history of cannabis, important legal decisions that affect the industry, and specifics of the laws that govern cannabis distribution, cultivation, possession, and consumption for adults and medical patients. Learn from expert witnesses that testify in medical marijuana court cases. Get the latest information on current court cases. Learn how to protect your rights in a police encounter. Have your questions answered by prominent cannabis lawyers.

    Horticulture 101
    Learn how to produce cannabis flowers from starter plants through harvest. The course covers everything needed to get started and produce a harvest. Instructors will detail the basics of watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles, and equipment options. Indoor and outdoor information is included as well as hydroponic and organic options. Even experienced gardeners can learn from the detailed presentations about pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing.

    Cooking/Concentrates 101
    Who knew there were so many forms of cannabis? Hundreds of edible cannabis products are now available, including: confections, cheesecakes, salad dressings, and drinks. Learn about creating concentrates and extracts, regulating dosages, packaging, and food safety. Watch a step-by-step cannabutter demonstration. Learn about the different extraction methods and equipment used.

    Budtending/Cannabis Doctors 101
    Bartending for the cannabis industry. Train how to effectively and responsibly dispense cannabis to patients and consumers. Separate yourself from the other applicants for jobs at dispensaries. Learn about the different medical strains and their differing effects, and which strains are best for various medical conditions. Hear from a cannabis doctor regarding the ethical and emerging political issues. Get information and details about the latest clinical studies.

    Distribution/Dispensary Management 102
    If you would like to start a dispensary (or any other cannabusiness), the next two classes are for you. We teach how to get product from producers to retailers. For the supply manager, important topics include product grading, weighing, storage, and safe transportation. For the employee manager, advice and details are given regarding security, managing personnel, community relations, and customer service.

    Cannabusiness 102
    How to start a business in the cannabis industry will be covered through this course. The types of cannabusinesses this course relates to include a commercial grow, a dispensary, a cannabis edibles company, a clone retailer, a delivery service, a Measure Z club, or any of the numerous cannabusinesses still to develop in this industry. The process to obtain city, county, state permits and licenses are covered in detail. Standard business issues such as payroll and sales taxes, workman's compensation, health insurance, and other requirements for operating a business are covered as well. The instructors give firsthand experience and knowledge. Current political issues and local politics are explained.

    Horticulture 102: Advanced Grow Lab
    This course is for the experienced producer or any student who has completed Horticulture 101. Instructors will continue the advanced level of teaching begun in the first horticulture class. New topics include seed germination, clone/cutting production, and examples of automatic watering systems.

    Legal Issues 102
    Practice protecting yourself during police encounters. This course is a role-playing workshop that simulates encounters with law enforcement. Students will develop the knowledge learned in Politics/Legal Issues 101 through classroom practice asserting their rights in a police encounter. Examples and specific wording will be taught from instructors and students will be asked to participate in role-plays to solidify the knowledge. Most people give up their constitutional rights during encounters with law enforcement. These mistakes are avoidable, and this course is a must for anyone working in the cannabis industry.

    Intro to Glassworks
    The goal of this initial workshop is to instruct students how to use a torch to turn glass into art or functional pieces. Along with being instructed on the health and safety guidelines, students will learn how to work with Borosilicate clear glass rods and colored glass rods. Students will also be educated on the history of glass. The workshop is designed for beginners as well as students who have taken other types glass-blowing courses. Beginners are welcome, however any previous experience in working with glass will help one progress more quickly.

    Course cost - $175 includes Initial Safety Class and 1 hour lab. All classes are one-on-one with the instructor.

    Glass Lab
    After completing the intro workshop, students will be able to book lab time at $50/hr, this is a private lesson with the instructor. Hours of lab time are Tues-Sat 10-7.
  10. That is fucking AWESOME!

    What the hell do they meaning regarding "role playing"? Is that just a closet term for "smoking cannabis"?
  11. Thats awesome... i hope my college is like that when i go
  12. oh dude, are you in canada? because i go to school in Guelph Ontario and the herb is a very popular pasttime.

    first night in res me and my roommate (friend from highschool) rolled a fat blunt with a guy from boston and his roommate. found a bench at the bottom of this hill and sparked it. went back to that spot a ton more times before it got too damn cold outside and we would meet tons of people down there burnin' and end up pitching 8+ person seshes with 2-3 bongs in roto.

    during frosh week (week before classes where everyone moves in and meets each other/parties) there was a football game in the afternoon and we smoked a bunch of spliffs right under this tree right outside the res before going to it. "football practice" was born as a clutch spot for spliffs/pipes and bongs if we were drunk.

    our RA even said "you guys come in reeking of weed everyday but as long as you do it outside i cant say anything" but by the end of the year we vaped in the room across from the RA's room with doors open, noone really cared at all. man i loved first year.

  13. you forgot lunch...
  14. Ahh Guelph, I just graduated in the spring and I miss it already. :(
    I lived in the east towers in my first year...the rooms there were nowhere near the main hallway so RAs were not even close to a concern, plus most of the students there were 2nd-3rd years who were a little less rowdy than the frosh so they mostly left us alone. I think I saw my RA maybe 5 times all year, but she didn't care about weed anyway (once she just sat in the room with a bunch of people while we all toked).

    The best part about the towers was the balcony. Every suite of 6-12 people had their own balcony, but the doors were permanently locked by the rez staff the year I lived there because they weren't up to code and people kept throwing furniture over the side. You could still get on them, but it involved taking the screen out of a window and wriggling your way through. It was an awesome place to smoke though, I lived on one of the higher floors that faced campus and you could see pretty much the whole university from there.

    I can't wait to get back to that town. I am planning to apply to the vet college in a few years, I've got the grades so it's just a matter of getting some real-world experience first.

  15. haha +rep
  16. HAHAH man that sounds like my old uni, the place was reefer heaven. You could walk onto campus and find somebody to smoke with in minutes. Plus dealers were plentiful and there were some awesome spots to smoke and you could always head up to the uni bar afterwards to chill, they would always be people who would be getting wasted.

    Probably the reason why its my old uni, can't really pass many subjects there.

  17. Ha welcome to college man. I lived next door to the RA freshman year and smoked in my room constantly. One time he did stop by though and ask kindly for us to stop being so obvious about smoking weed in our room in case another RA walked through.
  18. anyone heard of Oaksterdam in the bay? that is a real ganja college
  19. haha ok i jus read someone elses post about it above my bad

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