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I'm ashamed to call myself an "American."

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thirdworldarmy, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Seriously. I feel like this "Land of the free." is full of freedumb. Seriously debating moving to Europe. Anyone down? I'm going to France, they grow hemp, and have stinky cheese :rolleyes:.

    This is a lame rant I guess. I would like to hear other peoples opinions about "Americans" or being an "American"

    The only way I think the title "American" can be redeemed in my book, is if "We The People" rise up, and put a stop to all of this Federal government bullshit. Our schools don't even have music programs anymore...losing art programs...sports use to be paid for...what the fuck happened to us as people? The children of our future deserve the best, how can we do that if we are being robbed before our eyes by the government.

    If I stood up to America... who would stand with me?

    I'm not saying that we need to destroy our country, it just needs some major adjustments for it to be back on track. Seriously how many other countries hate us? Honestly.

    Sorry kinda pissed off, I guess it's better than being pissed on...which actually is how I feel every time I see what they take outta my pay check. Plus I believe the guy that flew his plane into the IRS building, got me more riled up. He isn't the bad guy here,the IRS is, but nobody see's it.

    I need another bowl, really need to calm down. Anyone care to continue this discussion if its worth it?:smoking:
  2. you think france isn't also full of stupid people?

    and why do you blame federal government for public schools being bad?

    trust me america is one of the best countries in the world and im not even american.
  3. ive said it before and ill say it again

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT0OqHr3wHQ]YouTube - If you don't like america, you can git out[/ame]
  4. Yeah I think pretty much all the developed western countries are like this. And if your not in a developed western country you are being killed by the chinese military for protesting or being stoned to death cos your a lady who got raped. I don't think there are any countries that are even close to being perfect or any that I would truely be proud to be a part of and stand up for fully
  5. Even though our economy, education system, government, politicians etc... Are all corrupt, It has given me freedom and oppurtunities other people in different countries dream of having. I may not like where this country is heading but I'm not just going to abandon it! Thats sort of a trader...
  6. Their are stupid people everywhere...I see them on a daily basis, so I know there are stupid people in other countries.

    I don't know, it's mostly like... I just want to just up to every single person and scream "WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!" It just seems like, I don't know how to explain it. Okay, were like Rome, Rome wasn't built in a day yada yada...They were the super power of their time. They controlled everything. Sounds kinda like us? Anyway, That empire didn't last more than a couple hundred years, unless you include the byzantine empire or whatever they were called. Anyone see the corrolation, or am I letting my frustrations get the better of me.... I'm just saying, we are a large empire, and when we fall... which we will. We are going to break really hard. Imagine if every state turned into it's own country :confused:, I would have to learn how to defend off the Idahoans and their spud guns. I'm high as shit right now... pardon my rant thing/discussion of American shame,
  7. Sorta of a trader is right. How do you think we separated from the British in the Revolutionary War. There must be change.
  8. If you are really ashamed of being an American and America leave, no is stopping you.
  9. OP you haven't really pointed out any of your problems with america...

    I always hated this argument. Easier said that done...
  10. "Even though our economy, education system, government, politicians etc... Are all corrupt"

    Can I ask all of you, because I believe this statement. Do you believe it's right that we have to accept the fact that this is how it is, instead of how it could be.
  11. wtf does this mean can someone tell me what people mean when they say they don't like where the country is going like specifically what they don't like?

    because i see this all the time and no one ever explains.
  12. There are stupid people everywhere, it seems that the U.S has the majority of them. ;) (I'm not making fun of you OP)
  13. Yes easier said then done, completely agree.

    My beef with America, is that we have a huge problem going on in our country. Just so many things, why can't our kids have free music class, sports, everything. So much of our money is going to the military...instead of helping build the economy and America itself....We are only, what is it like a couple Trillion dollars in debt or something haha. Is that a lot of money? I guess when I think of where our country is going....I want to swallow a knife. We are clearly not thinking straight. Also we could help pay for things with hemp, and use it to make many a textiles. But we're lame and do not. Some other countries do.

    Quick note: if I start some stupid shit like this again when I get baked. I do apologize GC. I don't get to vent much, because nobody ever listens. Not just about this stuff though, just in general.
  14. i honestly hear this kind of stuff from my little brothers friends. he's in 5th grade and i have to see them when i pick up my brother from school.
  15. no offense taken even if you were :smoking:

    Also to clarify, when I say "General Public" and seeing stupid people everyday. I'm definitely included in that. I'm not trying to put myself on a pedestal. I do my fair share of stupid things :rolleyes:.

    Does anybody think that something should be done?
  16. Man I wish we were all discussing this in person and blazing. It would be so much easier to explain all the things, that I don't like about America
  17. because those things cost money that would otherwise be paid for in taxes anyway.

    you need several things to build a strong economy: good infrastructure, good public policy, a good amount of capital. the united states has these things, but they mean nothing if you can't also have security. what the military does is sometimes questionable, but there's no doubt that it's a necessary cost to keep it.

    you realize the trillions+ deficit that people talk about is projected deficit over like 10 years or whatever? you can only tell which way the country is going if you compare deficit as % of GDP.

    meh @ this.
  18. done this before lol it was fun

    we baked a cake too :D

  19. and play hacky sack
  20. History will repeat itself again and again... I dont doubt what your saying.

    I wouldnt compare being a trader to us becoming independant from britain. We suceeded and fought them because of oppression.

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