Im an underage Alcoholic

Discussion in 'General' started by GeoTokeR, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Whats up, ya'll? good? Yeah thats good

    But like the title says, im an underage alcoholic. No joke people. For the past 5 months me and my roommate (mostly me) have been killing a 30 pack of Budweiser a day and its starting to creep up on me. My whole family has a trend to be alcoholics and im starting to think this is my turn. Cant go one day without thinking/tasting beer/vodka.

    Blah, w/e. Anyone else out there? Btw, im 19. :rolleyes:
  2. i was, then i graduated to legal alcoholic.
  3. Been drinkin' like a fiend since I was 19, but I was never underage.:cool:
  4. you gotta try to limit your drinking to weekends or maybe thurs.-sunday but when you start doing it everyday is when the addiction really starts to set in and it grabs you by the balls

    do you get the shakes yet where you have to have a morning beer?
  5. Well this summer i got a job where the boss sells us beer and i ve been drinking at least ten beers every day. Then after smoking all day out comes the strawberry quick, the h.and the crack. Btw im nineteen too
  6. beer belly....?
  7. I've been putting down roughly 3/4 of a fifth since I was 16, I'm 20 now. I've drank probably a roughly an 18 pack my entire life. My liver enzyme count is 72 the doctor says if I keep going this way ill be dead by 30. I've quit pot multiple times but quitting alcohol is the hardest task of my life. I;d take it a lil more serious if I were you. You could also go meet a bunch of old drunks, they also give me a boost.
  8. Alcohol is a nasty on the body compared to weed, people say you gain weight with the munchies and such, that is bullshit compared to the beer belly you can form.
  9. Binge drinking is unhealthy as fuck I'm coming to terms with this only now. I would echo the other poster who said try to keep it on the weekends.
  10. I try to abstain from drinking, alcoholism runs on both sides of the family. So I think it's best I don't even start.
  11. Yea I was about at that point at one time, then I stopped going to classes, left school and started living at home again. Once I had to get a job I stopped drinking so much and started smoking a whole lot more.

    Now I'm starting to drink during the week days again, but not anything crazy, I'll have like 5-6 beers every night.
  12. OP- Maybe stop now before it really does get out of hand?
  13. I dont care what you call it, Ima fuckin alcoholic.
  14. I used to be one....but then I turned 18 and drinking was just something else to do. It´s as if people tend to do things if they are FORBIDDEN! xD
  15. Haha, you stopped being an alcoholic before I even had my first drink...
  16. ****bumpers***.\

    blah, drunk again! shit... i got stuff to do! Man i need to sober up...
  17. dude. that sucks! I knew guys like that. oh well they were all assholes for some reason. others started later, they are not very happy. we are made of water after all. you are making it hard for people to like you when you are an alchoholic. it hurts people you kove a little at a time.
  18. We are all alcoholics for our own reasons, me I just like to be drunk, but I have calmed my drinking down a lot since like may. I only got drunk 2xz since may. yay me!!!! that doesnt mean im not going out tonight tho!!!!
  19. yay for beer! :hello:
  20. I drink occasionally. My Dad is a huge alcoholic though, so I really don't drink too often.

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