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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by illsmosisyou, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. okay, about a week n a half ago i was sittin in my room. only person in the house. baked with about a 2g blunt in my hand slowly burning my thumb (realized that later, thankfully not bad). i was sittin at my computer...doing nothing. then the phone rings. my mom's like "Kathlen" (my sister) "Kathlen had her baby!" I'm like, "Nawww mom. Shes not supposed to have it for at least another month. Your trying to freak me out" cause for some reason i thought that my mom somehow knew i was stoned and was trying to get me to trip really bad. She says again "No! I'm serious! She had it last night! Its a boy! Cason!". I'm like, "Cason?! Now I KNOW your fucking with me mom. Call me back when you wanna not fuck with me". And I hang up on my own mother. For a few days this whole incident didn't really sink in. Then my mom calls a few days later and says "Dad and I are coming to pick you up. We're gonna see Cason and Kathlen." (i just realized how similar their names are). At this point i'm totally sober and I realize she wasn't fucking with me before on the phone. Now im freaking out cause there's no way she doesn't know that I was ripped. They arrive a few minutes later and we go down to Jersey. Now, i'm 19, im thinking im too young to be an uncle. But there he was all 7 pounds of him. On the way home my mom turns around and says, "You don't live in our house so its not our responsibility, but how bout you don't make it so obvious eh?". I just gave her a weak smile and a sheepish "sure".
  2. Congrats! I've been an uncle since I was 10. My sister is 15 years older then me, though.....
  3. nice, i love super hippies. none in my school really...:*( eyah man, thanks.

  4. Same here...like exactly. Thats wierd.
  5. ya same with me man...i was an unlce at like 12. a Godfather at 13. ( i had to be confirmed so they day after my confirmation, they had the baptism and put me as godfather)
  6. lolz i think my parents know about the whole uncle thing GRATZ im an uncle since i was born lil my niece and nephew are older then me ..kinda funny

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