I'm an idiot

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  1. So in december i bought a new bong with ice notches, diffused downstem, and a three arm tree perc. that was the first bong i had ever seen in person with the tree perc so i wasnt sure how it worked. well today while smoking it one of my friends realized that i ahvent been using any water over the slits in the tree perc and therefore it really wasnt working as well as it could. It seems like a really obvious thing to do but because i had never seen a tree perc in use i didnt know to use water. Anyway, after my friend noticed this we added water to the perc and were getting absolutely monster hits and clearing every one. Just thought id share a story of my stupidity and how awesome a real nice bong is :hello:
  2. lol i figured you would break the bong by the end of the story
  3. yea, that is pretty stupid. but at least u caught it and it wasnt anything that damages the bong.
  4. oh i thought it was going to have to do with selling/breaking of the bong, but nice man. :hello:
  5. yeah... me too...

    cause I've gotta ask, do you pour the water on a perc'd bong through the perc and let it siphon through or do you pour it in through the downstem and fill the perc seperately?
  6. i fill the perc and downstem seperate. its unbelievable the diff it makes.

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