Im an idiot please disregard this post

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    I'm confused because this was an auto flowering plant.
    It has some solid buds on it, but these look like balls to me. They look like they have little pistils coming out of them though.
    I am guessing this is a hemaphordite?
    I should get it away from the other plants ASAP right?
    Is it worth setting up my other tent?
    Will the seeds from those nugs be all female?

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    What are you pointing at? Looks like a calyx is all I see unless you have something else hidden in there. LOL, your plants have been female this far. hahaha at that comment. With 1100 posts I would have thought you were more familiar with growing. No problem from what I can see.
    Do a search for cannabis anatomy and you will rest well unless you have a clearer pic and point out what you are talking about.
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