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  1. Hey there everyone, I'm hoping to get a little bit of encouragement and maybe some advice. I'm planing on opening a business that sells strictly hemp products. Is there anyone who knows about the hemp industry over seas that would like to let me in on some concerns or tips? I know my o.p. is quite vague, but I'm planning on making this more of a conversation than a one time hit. Thanks for any responses.
    (Also, although I'm importing hemp goods, I will be supporting the re-instatement of the american hemp industry through my tags and handouts)
  2. The costs of importing the hemp is the biggest problem because of how much it will raise consumer prices.

    I can't believe people see the government not allowing hemp to be grown yet still act like our government isn't a facist pile of shit.
  3. I suggest moving to a state with medical marijuana , and growing all your own products AND selling them yourself. RIght now its someone who grows, then gives it to a dispensary and they sell it. If you did both yourself, higher profits and plus you could discuss the product better with patients.

  4. I'm not a textile worker...I have no idea how to make a t-shirt or backpack out of hemp lol
  5. Yeah but as an entrepeneur your job is to find somewhere to get your products made :)
    I'm fairly sure you could have textile work done in Mexico or a big city in the US.

  6. Its illegal to produce hemp goods in the usa. But yes I could contract a hemp factory in mexico

  7. What's amazing is that Google became a verb :O
  8. Yes create some mexicans jobs so less of them will come here. Plus you can pay them less. Just watch out for drug cartels. Hell infact just partener with drug cartels. Get them to give you the stalks from their marijuana harvests. You'll be known as "El Guapo de Excramento!"
  9. sorry, speaking of entrepreneurialism, how hard is it for cannabis related business to secure credit and debit card processing services does anyone know? does the gc shops take your money when you buy something?
  10. Define cannabis business. Anything State legit will probably let you get a merchant service.
  11. dispensaries for many dispensaries have pos machines?...even those in legitimate states?...
  12. All of the ones I've been to in legit states!

    From what I recall, as long as you have a legitimate business with licenses you are quite able to get a merchant account. Once you have a merchant account you can have a pos machine and with a gateway you can have online sales.
  13. yeah but whats all the hullabaloo about card processor companies disciriminating against cannabis retailers? know, like it was difficult, more expensive, to get pos machines and merchant accounts for porn retailers in the past...

    i wonder in dispensaries have to pay premiums for processing becasue they are classed as high-risk or something...
  14. really tho guys, any and all input is appreciated here....

  15. Since93 when was this your thread? Lol, I had to use your name in that sentence, hahaha. I really don't care if you start a side topic, but I really need to know the steps it would take, I'm a newbie and I really want to survive in the business environment.
  16. Forget hemp. Move to California and profit for weed while you have an opportunity.
  17. my bad guy, just thought i should ask...well, i hope you make it big what can i say....:smoke:

  18. I'm asking for advice and the steps I must go through to do what I want, not to do something completely different. The statement "profit for weed" makes no sense and neither does it help or even apply to my topic. I am supporting the hemp industry know, the reason cannabis is illegal. I need to know the STEPS TO ESTABLISHING A HEMP STORE. I'm wondering what companies have better prices and qualities and those who can wholesale, I'm wondering what kind of market id have and things I should take precaution for. And I don't need vague answers, I need educated, experienced answers. I know the basics, but now I need the little pieces.
  19. Well dude, I doubt industry insiders are gonna just put their secrets out on the internet. Remember in the economic game, information is costly to aquire.

    Your best bet is to get in at some already established hemp company and see how they do it or just be friend an industry insider but thats easier said than done and even then they are going to want to protect their share of the market.

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