I'm an asshole without weed.

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  1. I have always been known for a having a short fuse and i usually let my anger get the best of me. I started smoking the herb daily about 7 months ago and i realized that i have become a much nicer and more likeable person than the person i was 7 months ago. I recently started a t-break and i noticed that my old ways are starting to come back. I blew up at random people all day and i was even getting mad to the point where i was going to just tell the girl im talking to to just get out of my life because she's not worth me.(fuckin assholeish i know..) I started smoking again today and i feel like a complete douche because i just realized how much of a dick i was to all my family and friends...

    Anyways what do you guys think? I love smoking herb but i have a feeling i might have to stop one of these days and i dont like the person i am when i dont smoke on a daily basis. Have you guys ever experienced something like this?
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  2. Try to realize what it is about yourself that you do and don't like. Then substitute the goods in for the bads, regardless of sobriety level.
  3. daily about 7 months ago?

    that kinda sucks

    usually over time , people lose that problem and become naturally chilled out after smoking enough , especially on a daily bases .

    thats unfortunate that you still have that problem .

    id say just focus more on being a positive person...start listening to some sublime and marley

  4. You don't need weed to make you a better person... Use weed to enhance activities and such...

    Check yourself man. Seriously, I started to use this method way back in high school when I used to go off on people for small, small things.. Count to 10 in your head before you answer and ask yourself, do I really want to say this? I know it sounds weird.... You can't just stand there for 10 seconds when somebody asks you a question, but fuckin do it. Eventually you'll realize how you're living your life wrong and hopefully correct it.

    At least, this worked for me.... Good luck man, don't let weed control your life. It is a drug, after all.
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  5. Thats some good advice, i need to try that next time. Oh and just to let you know, when i smoke i actually act normal, but when im sober im fuckin wired as hell. It gets to the point that sometimes people will ask me if i'm on coke or some kind of stimulant like that. Thats why i love weed so much, it brings me down to a normal level that allows me to have normal conversations and relationships with people...thats kind of fucked up if you ask me lol.
  6. yeah, man, this. weed shouldn't be something that makes you not an asshole. everyone can get cranky on t-breaks, but if you think that it's the weed making you a chill guy, you probably need to deal with the obviously not-so-deeply buried issues

    gl man

  7. sounds like anxiety or something?

    never recommended bars but maybe you should try xanax out

  8. Just be careful on xanax man.... I got a boy who OD'd on that shit a year ago...

    rip sky
  9. dont wanna pack bowls all the time, get some xanax, vicodin, soma, shit like that will calm you down alot. seriously, im not just saying take em to get high that be stupid could ruin your liver. but get em perscribed and they will really chill you out.
  10. Well, I don't think it's uncommon that most people experience a heightened sense of irritability the first week or so of quitting/taking a break. Your body is just so used to it after 7 months of daily usage. I'd give it a bit more time off before you get worried.

    Or you could be an asshole.
  11. Thanks for the idea, i never assumed it was anxiety but now that i think about it i do have most of the symptoms....Maybe ill get some bars this week and try them out. Hopefully it will calm me down without me having to be permastoned all day lol.
  12. na, i found that the same thing happened to me when I started really smoking daily(2 years ago:confused:). I'd hang out with my sober friends and I'd realize things about them that I just didn't care about or want to be a part of. Then i started smoking before hanging out with them and i didn't become a nicer person, i just felt like i could deal with their shit. I make sure i hit a bowl before hanging out with some people, otherwise we just might not get along.
  13. Them bars arent gonna do anything beneficial for you besides put you into a zoned out mode until ya sleep..those are just temporary solutions for a deep rooted issue youve got..

    IMO, instead of smoking to "be nicer" next time you smoke, sit down by yourself, and think.
    Think about your life, what youre doing, where youre going..and most importantly..think about what exactly goes through your mind when someone is "pissing you off"/ and why you feel like lashing out??

    jus some shit to think about

  14. i'm the exact same way
  15. Weed should be respected, try first calm yourself without it then when ur naturally chilled out start up again. That will get you really motivated to chill out.
  16. well, now you are a failure in society, because you rely on a drug to make you not an asshole.
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  17. try to drink a little in the morning (kahula) or smoke cigarettes. the reason of your anger is the long period of being so happy it wore away a lot of happines you potentially could have had before smoking. but i noticed that smoking cigarettes helps me a lot to be nicer. also i dont reccommend taking adderal, but me personally enjoy adderal so much. i don't abuse it i take normal dose and it makes me pay attention to people and actually seem to care what they say, so i can act nicer and not get mad that they are blabbing away at me.
  18. Yea...I go thru tha same thing...well...
    kinda/sorta...I was always the worst asshole...and still pretty much am...
    but every broad i talk to tells me...

    "your a much better person when your high"...
    so I just stay high a lil more often...Im ALWAYS high in public because I kinda hate bein in public...
    but yea...i realized it for myself...youll find yourself conversing with alot more people then you usually would being a mad sober asshole...
    met a few vicious connects this way too...

    hell...most of tha time you find yourself talking with someone you wouldnt usually talk to...they end up having something of interest or be tha connect to what you want...
    i.e...i met this lil whyte boy and sparked him up a j with me...
    now...he's put me on with so many sales...and made me so much money from oxys/etc.. and we actually kick it forreal...lls...thass my *****...
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  19. Man just don't be an asshole all the time. It's not hard to be nice to people, just don't let the small shit bother you; you can be a chilled dude without being high all the time.

  20. It sounds to me like your an asshole with or without weed....

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