I'm an alien.

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  1. Well, maybe. And maybe you, too.

    Forgive me if this is an old, stupid, irrelevant or otherwise idiotic thought, but I was talking about it with my friends last night in the circle and the sheer possibility blew my mind.

    There are scientists who believe that humans are not from this planet. They theorize that we evolved from single-celled organisms that were brought to earth on the same asteroid that blew up the dinosaurs.

    Now of course, this is a pretty shaky theory, but think about it...It's possible. We could all be aliens for all we know. Neato.
  2. yeah,yeah...
  3. haha it is possible. but then the theory we evolved from primates would kinda be fucked. unless they were on the astroid too
  4. ok, so we used to be chimps from mars and now we're us here cause mars dried up. totally plausible! we just can't remember. dizzamn.
  5. The single celled organisms would've evolved into primates then us... well, some, there are other living things here too =P
  6. It's an interesting thing to think about.

    However, I think that we are descendants of the dinosaurs, if you look at our biology you will notice that it is built with increasingly complex systems, which line up roughly with the evolutionary time line. The spinal cord, and inner brain (R-Complex / reptilian complex) controls much of or perception of time and consciousness; is the same complex that is found in reptiles and snakes. This is our base, and is considered to be the earliest developed part of our body.

    The next system that we have which encapsulates that, is our mammalian systems, which developed afterwards, and on top of our reptile system (you can think of the reptile system as a golf club, with the body of the golf club being the spinal cord and the top of it being at the top of our spinal cord, and in our inner brain, then the mamalian system sits ontop of the head of the golf club like one of those socks that people put on their clubs.

    After that there is a neo-mamalian system. Which is like another sock over the previous sock.
  7. In the words of Spongebob Squarepants: "I'm one hundred percent mamale."
  8. On the plains of Africa, in a time before clocks, in a place that's been referred to as the garden of eden, a spaceship arrived carrying intelligent, sentient beings. These searchers, who had come in search of intelligent life like their own, found the most intelligent life forms on earth at the time, and determined the great Apes to be the highest minds of the time.

    And after some experimentations and alterations, they decided to do a little gene splicing.

    They knew that the atmosphere of earth was too rich for them to ever adapt to, so they decided to do this experiment in the name of their god, who was called Science. To fuse their own DNA with the body of the most closely adapted animal, of the highest intrinsic intelligence. And to thusly force-feed evolution an unexpected plot twist like the missing link, which will never be found. It can't be found, it was a scalpel in the hand of an alien genetic meddler, who is now called the creator.

    After fusing each of the representative apes with a new strand of DNA, they were released into the wild, to breed and release the mutated gene over a period of generations. Many of the genes remained recessive, however some began to cause some mutations, such as walking upright and the ability to make speech patterns.

    We today are the most advanced mutants, and thusly we feel as though we are in charge of this planet, and feel totally disconnected from its other occupants at the same time. But our evolution is far from done, in fact it is in it's infancy.

    A dichotomy of intrinsic philosophies, the MONKEY ( or the earth bound side of us, the animal) and the SPACEMAN ( the source of our intelligence and ability to attain dominion over nature). This is why all cultures look to the sky with reverence and are prone to war. The war is within our genes, the fusion takes place to this day, and we are still having trouble moving from the history of the Ape, into the future state of the Spaceman.

    Our genes are not entirely of this earth. God is a spaceman, and we are moving that way ourselves. The resonance of our being resounds continually, death is only a prification, and each generation brings more extra-terrestrial influence. The subconcious mind will not be denied its destiny. Prepare to go in search of planets to plant our own genes into.

    That is if we can stop all the monkeying around.

  9. .. good read man, I dont believe that:rolleyes: but I do believe that we came here on an asteroid and that is how the orginal bacteria cell got here.

  10. when earth was formed rocks with ameno acids and water formed this sludge. that sludge sat on the shores of early earth for 75% if its history. then oxygen became readily avaliable and plants and algae grew. then dinosaurs along with simple mamals, then the big dinosaurs died and mamals could furthur evolve into humans.

    so we came from outerspace, but we used to be be acids and peptides.

    of course this is a theory, so it has as much validity as anything.
  11. The alien theory is the only one that makes sense as far as evolution goes, though. It explains the sudden, relatively speedy development of a lot of characteristics that don't appear to be the result of natural selection. Recent anthropological discoveries show more than one type of human on the planet, these were merely strains of experimental variations.

    As any farmer knows, its tempting to cross things to achieve genetically, what would take a very long time for evolution to do by natural selection. Have you seen all those different man made strains of produce, obviously we have begun to desire the genetic enhancement way of life. No other animals are trying to make nature conform to their will, that is only the humans. The Apes do not do this. Only the Spaceman gene would make us do such things, and feel justified.

    " Under the Milky Way, tonight..."
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  13. Similar to the annunaki, sumerian story.

  14. It is actually quite similar to a lot of very old stories. That is why it is possible to just laugh it off as a mere parable, spewed from the thc soaked mind of a lunatic.

    Most cultures and religions have a similar reverence for the sky, almost all people seem to feel comfort in the idea that the heavens are above us.
  15. There is undeniable evidence that we are mutants; Our body is unable to manufacture the vitamin C that is essential for higher conciousness functions.

    "Vitamin C or <small>L</small>-ascorbate is an essential nutrient for higher primates, and a small number of other species. The presence of ascorbate is required for a range of essential metabolic reactions in all animals and in plants and is made internally by almost all organisms, humans being one notable exception."

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