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    I'm addicted to lip balm, i've been hooked on that shit for 3 years now. Quitting tobacco was 2 times easier than this. If i dont get my fix(lol)) for about an hour my lips start burning like hell. If i'm out for the whole day my lips starts to bleed because it's so dry. Anyone gone through this shit? I have tried to quit many times but then when i'm almost halfway through the "come down" i tell myself okey this is the last one then i'm done with this shit, and i get hooked again, every fucking time.
  2. I am confused.....
  3. lipblam or heroin......
  4. is lip balm code??
  5. Speaking of cleaning pointless threads... Lol. But wait, you posted in it too haha
  6. Fuck lip balm I hate when I get a kiss with that shit on their lips. Shits nasty. I've only used it once in Colorado because your lips would fall off if you didnt
  7. try drinking more water, that will help your lips. also don't lick them as licking them will make them crack. try rubbing water on them as a placebo method.
  8. oh, removed it. Lip balm of course
  9. Is it really addictive? i just put on some chapstick. You got me scared buzz.
  10. It's hell
    lip balm
  11. Just fuckin with you dude haha
  12. what kind do you use? try the natural stuff, put a bunch on b4 you go to bed
  13. i use this [​IMG], yeah i've tried natural stuff but it works for like 10minutes. My new years promise will be to quit this.

  14. Use water to help with the dryness. And it will suck for awhile. Your lips are use to the balm so they don't need to hydrate themselves.

    It's the same principal with lotion. I only use lotion when in a really dry place. Other then that, no need for it.

    You body will eventually start to get used to hydrating your lips again. But until then, you should do the best you can to avoid balm.

    Again, use the water method, as licking you lips will only make them dryer in the end, thus for a shittier time.
  15. Try vaseline?
    I used to use alot of lip balm too but I noticed I had the same problem you are describing and my lips ended up more dry.
    Vaseline is more natural...lasts longer and I don't need to use it as often.
    Just an idea anyway :)
  16. That's really weird, I didn't know that could happen. I have just semi-dry lips unless I'm going off/on my roaccutane. Then I just use something for three to four days and I'm good after that.

    I'd suggest going cold turkey, getting that orange crust around your lips isn't fun so remember to keep your lips dry (don't lick them, the evaporating water makes it worse) and don't use water from a fountain or something either.
  17. /\ ye cold turkey it is, i will start on new years.
    I got a friend that used to be addicted to this, she quit but it took 2 weeks for her to fully recover. And she was only using for a year.. me, 3 years.
  18. go hard in the paint, quit and switch to coating you lips with hash oil

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