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im allergic to mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HxCurt, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. since i got off probation last week all ive been able to find easily is mids... i used to only smoke chronic. anyways... every time i smoke my eyes get super fuckin itchy and i sneeze a lot :[[[[[[
    anyone else experience that?

  2. My eyes get itchy sometimes from mids. Maybe you are getting sick... Could be a number of reasons.
  3. You're not allergic to mids... well not specifically to the cannabis anyway. Maybe something in it though... that you might no find in well grown stuff... ferts, nutes or insect reppelant or something???
  4. hmm... im guessing maybe you got sick from some1 eles,and the herb maybe is lowering your immune system??..well then why would aids patients get Medical weed..i guess it for chemotherapy..or is that cancer..i don't know,maybe your room is dusty,or your pipe,Something ..your cat has been pinching your bud:smoking:
  5. go a day without smoking it, if you smoke it today, dont smoke tomorrow see if ya eyes are itchy
  6. Wtf? do aids patients get medicinal herb??? Don't think that'll work tho...
    and yes chemotherapy is for cancer, not aids :rolleyes:
  7. I would never want AIDS even if it enabled me to get medical weed.
  8. one of my friends has allergies and when ever he breaks up weed for a blunt or a joint he starts sneezing and itching and shit its really funny. it doesnt bother him to smoke or hold weed just when he breaks up more than just like a little nug. he comes in and says "hey lets roll a blunt, but can you break up the weed for me?" haha and he wont just buy a grinder cause hes a cheapass.
  9. This is like saying that "I'm allergic to California oranges, but not Florida oranges"
  10. Just informing you guys, people with AIDS get weed to help stimulate their appetite.
  11. RU serious? BRB getting AIDS


  12. Goto your local swimming hole.
  13. hehehe you can get it for aging.isn't that crazy?? just for being over 40 ,i think the stoners that made the law put that in so all the pot heads in the 70s can smoke it up ,whitch is a cool move,i would do the same shit :yay:

    Edit:By "It" i mean the Medical Card

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